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I think the Muzzin/Liljegren pairing is not working too well.

When the team was playing solidly defensively a month or so ago after management finally put Lilly in why don't they go with those set D pairings. I believe Sandin was with Lilly. Why change? Go back with those 6 and leave Holl in the press box.

Another blown lead. We are getting good at this. Our defence has reverted back to previous years. Was a stretch there where we were solid now we look horrible.

What a horrible goal. Muzzin uggh.

Shoot the puck Bunting.

Man Blue player went down pretty easy there.

Is the toilet bowl jersey team in last place yet? Only good thing about this game other than Matthews breaking a record.

Well there’s a wasted 2 points. Chance to shoot and Reilly and Nylander killing the clock. I’m sure these 2 points will come back to haunt us.

Jesus get guys in front and shoot the puck.

What can you do?

Call the trip on Tavares and the the Leafs would have still been on the powerplay when that goal happened?

Again Dubas & company should take the fine and call the officiating out. Year after year it’s been brutal against us and they don’t say shit. Keefe hinted at it today regarding yesterdays game. Don’t be subtle just blatantly call it as it is which is absolutely atrocious officiating. Said it earlier this year the officiating is getting worse every year. Honestly think it was better with 1 ref.

You know the Coyotes are a messed organization when you hire JFJ. Worst Leaf GM that I can remember.

Stop with the BCAA commercials.

Is Tavares playing tonight?

Man we get some BS calls against us. Easily called a slash against the coyote and then call Nylander.

Message to Willy shots from 40 feet out with no one in front aren’t going in.

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