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Interesting to hear him say that the Leafs last offer to Campbell was around $2.75mil and that he doesn't expect him back though.

There's still a lot of time for that to change. I'm also curious as to when that offer was made. I'm not convinced he'll get significantly better offers on the open market this summer - though, the goalie market could be very interesting, as there are a number of (mostly bad) teams who will probably be looking to add but not a ton of proven starters as UFAs.
They give Campbell a low ball offer but gave Mrazek an extra mil in free agency last year? This is just craziness.

But Mrazek lived up to the billing. Hurt and sucked. Terrible signing.

Seems really unfair to have to play this team in the first round.  It probably wouldn't bug me as much if they just beat the garbage Habs last year and likely the Jets after that and finally got some experience winning in the playoffs

Playoffs are a joke but Bettman the moron says nothings changing. Bottom line is you’re going to be playing a good team regardless and you have to beat them at some point. Thing I hate is you seem to play the same teams or potentially play the same teams. Nice to see a different matchup.

Same old same old. Almost like we expect it. Refs fukd us in this series but I’m lost for words as far as what this team needs to do as far as getting over the hump. Probably expect no changes as I’m sure the brass will say how we competed right to the end against the defending champions. My opinion something does because being close isn’t good enough.

Matthews wtf. Dump it into a corner with 3 lightning there

Wow keep mucking with it around the blue line. Dump it in the corner instead of fiddling with it.

God I hope this is the last we see of Holl.

Time for the PP to wake the f up.

Cmon 2 odd man rushes in the first 2 minutes.

Well let’s see what this team is made of.

Next goal wins I’m thinking.

That Paul goal was such a fluke. Leafs are cursed.

That’s what I mean,  it’s their goals we’re just lucky bounces.

Brodie just fishing for the puck there. Just stand him up and the play probably goes nowhere.

Point out, Kucherov looking out of sorts.  But 2 goals by Paul.

He’s a big dude but geez take the body instead of letting him dangle around you.

By the law of averages leafs are bound to get a bounce or call in the third, right?

Whistles will probably be put away.

Brutal how many times I’ve watched a skate by when the leafs can take someone out. Game one they hit everything tonight nope. Unbelievable to watch. Brodie could of stood Paul up but nope.

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