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Oh he put some mustard on that!
I don't like not changing the lines there.
This could be a series defining period.
Watching the intermission panel talking.   I'm sorry, Nylander is great but wouldn't be a magical difference for what we are watching.
One of the reasons I stopped watching the regular seasons was to not be so invested come playoffs but that doesn't work. Still too invested. 
This game is over and if they don't win the next game the series is over as well.
Well, I don't like playing Florida or Boston in the first round at this point. 
31 shots for Florida in that period.  Damn
Looking like less travel time for the first round.
My iPad is at 34%.... Just saying.....
I see it now.  When I first saw it I thought the Detroit player actually closed his hand around Domi's stick and did it to himself. Was at a party and was feeling good with the game just on in the background.