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Just got to win the next game at home on Friday and the series will be up for grabs. 

A few moments after Florida scored the camera was on Woll and it looked like he smiled and gave a teammate a wink.  Like he was saying "we got this"
A win and some bad blood to carry into game 5.
My concern returned on that play before Schen knocked it away.
Something about Woll.  He's got a swagger.
I'm not concerned for some reason.
A little breathing room but don't let up!
When was the last penalty called against the panthers? It's been at least 4 periods right?
Missed the first 4 minutes of the game but I like what I've seen so far. 
I have a feeling they'll make it to game 6.

Knowing my past leaf trauma I'm preparing for the team to win the next 3 and then lose game 7.
I thinks it's a lack of "seizing the moment" that is frustrating. It sucks to lose but it's worse when it seems like they're not playing up to their potential.
We finally made it to the second round but we are in danger of not winning a game in the second round for 19 years now.
We are into heart attack t8me.