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Messages - TheMightyOdin

220 minutes of hockey so far this series and the Leafs have had the lead for what? 14 or 15 minutes?  Brutal.
It's just frustrating.  It sucks to lose but it would be better if we had scoring chances and "almost goals" to keep the hope and energy up.

6 or 7 shots that period? With two PP and some of it 4 on 3.

Not good enough effort or result.
That made my eyes leak.

Thanks for the memories Mr. Cole.
They score before our goal is even announced.
That's the break we needed... now take advantage.
I'm not a fan of the way we try to gain the zone on our pp.
I want Marchand to take a 190 miler right off his nose.
It's not like the Ref had a clear unobstructed view of it..... oh wait.
Watching highlights of game 2.  The goalies are playing lights out.
Fantastic response to game 1.   

Before the series started I would have been happy with splitting these 1st two games.
The clock seems so slow in these situations.