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Easily Nylanders best game since the trade deadline for me.

Woll looks NHL ready (ignoring goalie voodoo where he could put up an .820 SV% next year because that's how hockey is)

Matthews has been our best player the last five games and it's only been by outplaying Marner instead of Marner taking a step back.

I think Rielly has looked a lot better over the last 7 games too so hopefully that is more of a getting over his injury thing.

Leafs now just need a single point to clinch the playoffs.  Florida would have to win their final 9 games, winning all of them in regulation or overtime AND at least six of them would have to be in regulation while Toronto would have to lose their final nine games.

The Magic Number for home ice is now 10 with the Leafs having 9 games left and Tampa 8.  They do play Tampa on the second last game of the year but have a good chance to wrap up home ice before that game with a few easier opponents in the next week
Good win.  Scary last few minutes
I think the Leafs can still pull this one off but it's three games in four nights and the back half of a back to back on the road.   

Nashville played last night too but were at home AND the game is an hour earlier.  I don't understand these play a game in less than 24 hours from the start of the last one when a team has to travel.
The good thing about any struggling player is that there is still a lot of time before the playoffs.  I'd be interested in seeing if Nylander O'Rielly are a fit when he comes back.  I don't know that Nylander needs a pass first guy like him necessarily but I like Ryan's defensive game more than Tavares
Only thing is that another play where Liljegren flubbed a clearing chance.  That's happening way too much.  I'm a big fan of his game but he need to cut that stuff out
Oh well, they played well.  Bounces back from the early 5 on 3 to get back in the game.  Play like that and win more than you lose.   
Quote from: Guilt Trip on March 25, 2023, 08:41:58 PM
Quote from: L K on March 25, 2023, 08:41:10 PMThat's not an acceptable rebound from Murray there
Never played net have you.

Yes I have actually but thanks for needing to excuse every play from Murray all year
That's not an acceptable rebound from Murray there
Boston plays Tampa today.  Good opportunity to potentially gain ground if they can beat Carolina again.
On paper the Leafs look like this is a good time to play Tampa.  In reality I fully expect playoff shenanigans to help level things out when Tampa gets away with murder.

On a side note, who the heck designed the Leafs schedule down the stretch.  5 sets of back to backs in March/April.  Play 4 games in 6 nights 3 times in March/April.  Play 8 games in the final 13 days of the schedule include finishing the final four games in 6 nights with the final three games on the road.
Seems like a pretty standard approach lately.   Hide behind religion.  Lie about the stuff you don't like.  Nothing says I stand behind my beliefs like waiting until other people get away or hit before doing it yourself.  Such strong conviction.
I am liking the potential for a goaltending controversy heading into the postseason.  Keep playing like this Matt Murray
Oh no....Matthews......

I mean oh no Matthews Jr