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Oilers feeling that 'what do you have to do to score?' feeling the Leafs had last year with these Panthers .

The Bruins are pretty familiar with that feeling too. Lol
Quote from: herman on June 04, 2024, 08:44:58 AM
Quote from: Guilt Trip on June 04, 2024, 12:22:30 AMNo shock here...

This update literally says there has been no news.

But if we're analyzing the whitespace of an article here, what we're not seeing, that is common in superstar UFA-1 conversations, is a vociferous assurance of the player loving it in this city and playing for this team. If all we're getting is this perfunctory "he will honour his contract", then that's more telling.

I think his agent is in full command now.
Florida wins this in 5 or 6.
I wish some members of the media would stop harping on about Marner being the problem for the Leafs not having more playoff success.

Marner is not the problem.

In fact, I would wager he will move onto another team find amazing playoff success and prove this BS theory completely false.

The problem with Maple Leafs is structure, too top heavy and not enough players that can or are willing to play good defensive hockey (Marner is not poor defensively, as proven with his utility on the penalty kill).

It will be regrettable if Marner is the player that is forced out the door in order to fix this teams flaws, but the most regrettable issue is how some of the media are berating him and placing the blame squarely on him .

The guy is one of the very best offensive players in the league and one of the best Leafs of all time. I just hope trading him or letting him walk doesn't come back and bite this team in the ass like it has with a few other ex-Leafs in recent years.
Quote from: herman on May 22, 2024, 01:25:04 PMI don't think staying close to Toronto is a priority for Marner, so Buffalo probably isn't a destination he'd have in mind.

A west coast or Sun Belt city with limited or no income taxation, where people don't know you're a hockey player on the street might appeal if he's laying down his godhood.
No income tax: Nashville, Seattle, Las Vegas, Florida/Tampa, Dallas
Low income tax: Colorado, Utah, St. Louis

Cross-reference with which teams are approaching a contention threshold, have a couple of good prospects on the cusp, while the team needs more assists, and has cap space: Nashville, Utah, Seattle?

A sign and trade after July 1 would set him and the recipient team up nicely: 1 775k year + 8 years doesn't change the cap hit, but will show up more palatably on their payroll ledger.

Not that it matters all that much, but I think the comment about Toronto players being gods was something he was fond of.
Quote from: Joe on May 17, 2024, 09:07:00 AM
Quote from: Palmateer29 on May 17, 2024, 08:25:43 AMCarolina is out, does that make Brind"Amour available now?

My understanding is that he's under contract until July 1st.

Can someone explain to me how he's a significant upgrade over Keefe? Other than 'it's a new voice'.

If all we seem to care about is playoffs, his teams were twice eliminated by the same teams that eliminated the Leafs, going 0-8 in those games. I'm not saying that's all on him, or on him at all, but it just doesn't seem all that... impressive.

Yeah, it's all pretty subjective. I'm not sure which available coach provides more than just a 'new voice' to be honest.

It's great to find a coach who's won 1 cup, but that doesn't mean he's ever gonna win another one. The only new coach I'd get excited about would be a perennial cup winner. Don't see any of those in line for an interview for the Leafs coaching job.
Do we draft from a position of need or the best player available... even if he's a left handed forward?

The rule of thumb is usually take the best player available, but we've done that for years now and have ended up with too few good defensemen and too many really good forwards... to the point there's talk of letting one of our best players walk so we can find the cap room for a D-man.
Quote from: Bill_Berg on May 11, 2024, 09:17:42 AMBoo, none of these names have amusing qualities to them. I'll just trust the Leaf scouts this year.

I dunno... Den Banford has a bit of a ring to it. :)
My take from that presser is... finally, FINALLY, one of the core 4 guys is heading out the door.

More specifically, Marner and/or Tavares will not be a Leaf to either start the season or to start the playoffs next year.
Quote from: Bender on May 08, 2024, 08:57:25 AM
Quote from: cw on May 08, 2024, 08:17:49 AM
Quote from: cabber24 on May 08, 2024, 06:27:59 AMWatch the f-ing games! The clown scores points when it matters least! Good god!

Games 3 & 4 against Tampa
Both won by the Leafs in OT
Marner set up 2 goals in each of those games

If Marner doesn't do that, everything else remaining the same, they lose both games and Tampa wins the series in 5 games. There is no game 6 or 7. And there is no 6 game series with Florida

There would have been no game 5 vs Florida if Marner had not set up and scored the only 2 Leafs goals to win game 4 when facing elimination.

Cherry picking games stats in games 5-7 is Fool's Gold.
All the playoff games matter because there are no games 5-7 unless you score some in games 1-4.

The fact remains. Do you attempt to trade him or do you attempt to resign him? Tavares comes off the books but I don't think Marner deserves to be paid in the realm of Auston Matthews, which is what he is asking for. There's a world in which Marner just walks away from the team without return anyway. You say it's crazy to trade him but he might just go on his own, and then what?

You see how he plays out next season. My guess is he'll go the Nylander route and put up gangbuster points. If he does you sign him to a reasonable contract BUT that contract CANNOT have a no-trade clause . That's a dealbreaker for the Leafs. Even if the deal has a 10 team list he provides each year, it provides an out for the Leafs if needed.
Quote from: herman on May 07, 2024, 12:38:53 PMThere are 4 S's to hockey scouting: Skills, Skating, Smarts, Speed

I want to add a 5th: Showtime, or Spotlight
It's a skill to be able to harness the emotions of a situation or circumstance and direct it in a constructive, fruitful manner.

I think Wes Clark has targeted this in the players he's identified recently, on top of their high motor/high floor foundations. Minten/Lisowsky, Cowan, Knies, all stepped up in their respective playoff runs. The Leafs nabbed Jacob Quillan who snuffed out Knies' championship hopes last season with the OT dagger. It's a factor that can cripple any other standout skill, smarts, skating, speed quality if you don't have it.

Interesting. I've also noticed over the years that some players play better in the fishbowl that is Toronto and some wilt under the heat of the bright lights and media pressure. Spotlight and showtime qualities are a thing for sure .
And Cowan with the dagger and heading to the finals! We could have used him last night
A 3 year old rant that almost sounds like it was recorded today...

Quote from: Zee on May 05, 2024, 09:37:31 AM
Quote from: RedLeaf on May 05, 2024, 08:06:21 AMRound 1, Game 7: Leafs @ Bruins, May 4


Another early exit and another heartbreaking defeat.

Underdogs... comeback... OT loss in Game 7 to finish the season... Harold Ballard curse???

When an OT goal against feels like it changes the results of an entire season like it did last night...it's difficult to reconcile this morning. Such is life as a Leaf fan I guess.

My curiously lies in where management takes this team in the offseason and how the club will look at puck drops next season.

Anyways... See you all next year!

Thanks Red, great job as always

Thanks Zee!