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I'm for this. I do believe Berube was the best option out there, Brind'amour's probably not moving. This hiring leaves the impression that management is adapting a more hard assed approach to what feels like a coddled core group. This more closely aligns with Treliving's desire for snot
Quote from: AtomicMapleLeaf on May 09, 2024, 06:10:48 PMGo Rangers!!! Then sign Rod

This. Berube as a runner up
I found Keefes post game comments infuriating. Dude is a moron. He shows zero accountability instead deflecting it onto his players. He and the rest of the coaching staff need to go, Shanahan too. Ask Marner to waive the NMC, Try and bring back Lyubushkin and even Jones if the price is right. Samsonov's confidence level is far too fickle in and out of pressure situations.
If he is made available -Brind'amour, no matter what the cost
Just like most every other loss. These guys can't protect a lead
Keefe blabbering and stuttering like a fool in the presser. He knows he's done.
What's Robertson done? He's just another easy to bump off of it pushover. Dewar looked strong, he worked, created cycles. Team is shit, they're so poorly balanced for post season hockey. Keefe needs to go, Shanahan too. This is an embarrassment.
Tavares.... So slow, so dumb with it. Ryan O'Reilly was more of a leader than this BUM.
I still think it was a big mistake not giving Woll more games after his return from injury. His calm in the crease is much needed. Samsonov seems to not handle pressure. A couple of the goals against tonight never should have gone in. Fredric's in particular
He's shaky. He has a way of letting far too many soft ones by him
Y'all ready to pull Samsonov yet? He's terrible.
Woll should have been given more games after his return from injury. I'd like to be wrong, but again Samsonov looks rattled.His confidence still seems so fragile.