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Maybe all that time off gave Bobrovsky a chance to get in his own head and revert to normal Bob? Next time the Leafs need to ask for a week off in between games. :D
Cherrypicker Reinhart up at the Leafs line, Leafs all get back, he scores anyway. Shouldn't have been in the game after intentionally injuring Knies and trying to injure Bunting. Hockey gods pretty much giving a thumbs up to that kind of BS. Not happy.

Down 3-0 is not a good look after winning their first series in 19 years.

Going to OT on the road. Again. That is pretty amazing.
Quote from: Bill33 on May 07, 2023, 07:16:27 PMLooking positively (I know it's tough for some here) - the leafs are owed a couple PPs, it's tied, and they've already played their worst hockey.

So, chins up

Great point. They did start the game really well, so here's hoping they get back to that. They have shown that they can come out of nowhere too. All it takes is one more goal and they can win.
Jarnkrok, you incredible idiot, almost taking Woll's head off at the end. Leafs are their own worst enemy it seems.
Bad shift by Rielly started with a pass in his skates, giveaway and almost a 2 on 0, then a bad penalty. I don't really like the call given what else has not been called, though.
Quote from: Bill33 on May 07, 2023, 07:02:52 PM
Quote from: Derk on May 07, 2023, 07:01:59 PMAnother bad bounce goes against the Leafs.

You can't get good bounces if you never make the attempt.

I see them taking chances, the Panthers seem to be deflecting more shots into the crowd, or blocking them outright.
Another bad bounce goes against the Leafs.
Tavares misses on another chance. Guess I was wrong. Game over.

(Expletives here) Bobrovsky.

Leafs their own worst enemy after taking the 2-0 lead. The goalposts were their second worst enemy.

Now they have to go on the road. Luckily they are 3-0 on the road, we will see if they can continue that trend. This isn't insurmountable unless they let Bobo continue to beat them. Rangers won the first two on the road from Tampa in the semis last year and lost, so it can be done.

Disappointed tonight with the result and some of the lazy giveaways, but overall a very good effort. Effort won't win a series alone, though. Need some of those 4 posts to go in next game.
Come on boys, tie this game.
Not too happy with Tavares. I was going to say staple him to the bench, but watch him score the tying goal.
Getting pretty sick of Bobo right now. Nylander with another great chance.
One too many passes there.
Another post? That's not what I meant by beating Bobo.