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Topics - leafsjunkie

General Info / GDT Issues
January 26, 2023, 03:27:07 PM
Not sure if others are experiencing this too, but when I try to go into the GDT forum, I get a message about the site being upgraded and I get pushed back to the main forums. Just an FYI. Been happening for maybe 2 days? But it looks like others have been posting there? So I am not sure. :)
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Grabovski Bought Out
July 04, 2013, 11:06:17 AM
Fan590 just said Grabbo is being bought out under the compliance buyout
As the topic indicates, is this a viable option? What's Halak's contact status, doesn't he have another year or two on his contract? Would he be an upgrade and would the cost of getting him be worth it? Discuss. :)

Edit to add: I only mention this because I was listening to the Fan590 and caught the tail end of an interview and Halak's name was mentioned by the dude being interviewed. He basically said wouldn't it be great if the Leafs could work out a deal for Halak then rub it in Gillis' face that his options for trading Luongo are now between slim and none.
General NHL News & Views / Allstate All-Canadians
August 03, 2011, 12:10:25 PM
My company is in partnership with the NHLPA and have events going on all week. Kevin Bieksa is here at my work in a Boardroom which they've made up to look like a dressing room with equipment, stalls and Jerseys etc... Kevin is signing autographs and taking pics. They are giving away a signed Bieksa Jersey later on.

My son is a Vancouver fan (god knows why) so I got him to autograph a picture. He says to me 'For your son "Matthew" eh'.... (implying my name was Matthew and it was for me), I laughed and said nice try, I'm a Leafs fan buddy. Good times, seemed like a nice guy.   :D


Oh and just to add to the post, there is a top prospects game this weekend (42 of the best Bantom players). It will be on TSN2 I think. It will be team Schenn vs team Spezza, who are the coaches for the game. Kerry Fraser is reffing.