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If the Leafs can still compete every year, Matthews will be the greatest Leaf ever if he retires as a Leaf along with his Calder, 3 Ted Lindsay, 2 Hart Memorial, 8 Rocket Richards,2 Lady Bings and 3 Stanley Cups,

0.93 GPG, 1.38 PPG this season.

He will break the most goals as a Leaf next season.

WIll AM hits 50 in his hometown ?

Rethinking this morning and Brodie had his best game, and should be there somehow. Matthews had an off game with only 2 points... ::)
4' to go in the 3rd...

McMatthews (amazing Strong play on the 8th goal)

Liljegren played amazing as well.
McMann looks like he belongs.. what a play on the 8th goal.
Sammy (he made very difficult saves, but end up giving up 3, so Lilypad gets the call as HM)
McMann with a hattie again! (it is a joke in case anyone is wondering)

Go Leafs Go!!!

Quote from: cw on February 07, 2024, 09:50:11 PM
Quote from: Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate on February 07, 2024, 09:48:45 PMThis is difficult because I want to recognize Marner for his critical goal but I'll say

William Nylander
John Tavares

Sometimes in a really dark place, I wonder if the best thing that could happen for this team is fall out of a playoff spot, get some luck at the draft and select the best D-man available, and if they are really luck, a Headman 2.0 type.

But yeah, Treliving off season was alwful. (Nailed with Jones, Domi is an Okay 3rd line centre, Bertuzzi needs to find another gear and Benoit is decent).

Kudos to Brodie, Reaves, Matthews.

Benoit was very solid. Also kudos to Keefe for benching the the big boys for their huge mistake on that 0 on 2 shorthanded.
I am glad that Samsonov had a great game last night. He was outstanding.