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Quote from: L K on May 14, 2022, 09:20:52 PM
Quote from: hap_leaf on May 14, 2022, 09:17:41 PM
Quote from: Deebo on May 14, 2022, 09:05:39 PM
Quote from: L K on May 14, 2022, 08:59:35 PM
One team got a goal called back.  The other team got gifted a 5 on 3 when trailing. 

These two right here, changed the series.

Its disappointing, it was a great shot by Tavares, but I heard the whistle clearly on TV, so when it went in I knew it would not count right away. Im sure it was loud at ice level. Sucks but it was the right call.

We had no idea until saw the penalty box open.  The crowd was going nuts even before the goal

Why is a pick an automatic penalty? It isn't in basketball. Holl established body position and didn't reach out and grab him or anything. I guess it's interfering with a guys movement but it should be legal. All you're doing is making him go the long way around.
That was a Stanley-Cup final calibre matchup, playing what, 3th overall vs 5th overall? All it does is tell us the Leafs aren't ready to win a Cup, nothing more. There's no shame in losing to the two-time defending champs in 7 games. That was like a conference final. The seeding is messed up. So instead of losing in the third or fourth round we lose (albeit super-closely) in the first.   
So proud of them. Come-from-behind win. I think they'll be back here for game 7.
We've seen Tampa go beast mode and Tampa be mediocre. If they keep going beast mode for the rest of the series then it's Tampa in 6. If they ease up we have a chance, Leafs in 7. Like Jon Cooper says, it all depends on whether they're going to play at their top potential. I don't think it's that the Leafs played poorly, Tampa just has a Stanley Cup gear that's just scary.
Tampa Bay going full tilt is one helluva hockey team. At the start of the series I predicted Tampa in 5 if it was this version that showed up. They've been that way in half the games. If they do it during the best of three we're in trouble. It just looks like men vs boys out there.
That win was gritty as hell. Bent but didn't break and Soup with some yuge saves. What a win against the defending Stanley Cup champions. Only 3 penalties tonight and one goal against. So proud of this team.
Discipline. Discipline. Discipline.
If we control those sticks and hands and stay out of the box, we've got a shot 5on5. This game and this series is winnable.
Go Leafs Gooo!

Also Pat Quinn and dancing leaf bananas.
We can win this series, we just have to stay outta the box. Tampa powerplay is clicking. Ours, not so much.
Expecting huge pushback from Tampa tonight. Keep those feet moving boys!

Go Leafs Goooo!

... and Pat Quinn and dancing blue and white bananas.
Quote from: disco on May 02, 2022, 04:44:36 PM
Prediction Time:
I have two, either Tampa in 5 (where we show we can't hang with that offence and their defence stifles us) or Leafs in 7 (where we show we CAN hang with that offence and we break through their D. Special teams are going to play a big part of the series. Let's hope the refs call it well.

It has to be fall Campbell playing for us to have a shot. And it will nice to see the return of bodychecks. Which are an investment now like they aren't in the regular season. I've seen guys get taken out of the lineup with clean body checks. Lyubushkin, Muzzin, Simmonds and Clifford can hit. Even Kerfoot.
Looks like my second prediction is in effect.
What. A. Game. Auston 2 goals, Marner 3 points. Campbell: on it. The Leafs can hang with the best.
Stood up for ourselves. Go Leafs Go!