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Brutal game. Like Canada forgot how to play defense and are playing overly fancy. Feels like Phil Kessel era Leafs.
Holy shit, Bunting and Matthews!!
That was unfortunate. Hoping we can respond.
Wow, the Leafs are all over Pittsburgh!
Not super confident about this one considering they have a full squad...
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: RIP Borje Salming
November 24, 2022, 02:06:01 PM
Brutal. He was at the Leafs game so recently I didn't think it would be this sudden. Feel bad for him and his family. What an awful disease.
They're a decent looking team on paper. Doesn't help they always get up to play us.
Marner imploded on that too. They shouldn't start him in OT anymore, Jesus.
This team is so bad in OT.
Tavares set up Kerfoot gloriously there.
Wow. I was literally going to say Nylander looked really lazy on the PP and now just ties it up.

Obviously tipped. They needed to get more pucks to the net. Tired of trying to get pretty goals.
Brutal effort. Should've pulled Murray for a 6 on 4. Team deserves to lose.
As much as I felt Murray went down early on one goal, he really hasn't been the problem tonight. Devils are stifling.