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Not able to watch, but from the tweets and chatter here, I'm voting

MotM: Domi
HM: Holmberg
Every centre has scored

Also only lefties
So the hard part of a B2B is the back half of the game, but having a 4G cushion can help simplify things. This gives Reaves the green light to do his thing.
Quote from: louisstamos on February 22, 2024, 10:37:52 PMNick Robertson is a playmaker now. Love to see it.

Always has been! Just happened to have an even better shot.
I am sad to be missing this game
NHL Transactions / Re: 2023-24 General Trades & Signings
February 22, 2024, 08:33:14 PM
Dubas finally gets the guy he wanted to draft and it only took trading Nylander.
Replacing Domi with McDavid is going to be very funny