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Allegations Against Junior Hockey

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--- Quote from: herman on June 25, 2020, 10:39:54 AM ---https://www.tsn.ca/whl-investigating-abuse-claims-by-former-player-1.1489379

More fuel for the fire

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It really is sickening. I heard these stories when I was playing. Some of them downright disturbing.
I never played in the junior ranks as I walked away after Midget, but it started when I began playing AAA hockey in Bantam. The fringe players were abused by the "stars". I felt it when people urinated in my hat and such when I was an under-ager on a major Bantam team.  Part of my dislike of the sport at that point was caused by these behaviours. I knew I wasn't going to the "show" so why should I take part in, watch, or fall victim to these behaviours.

The #OHL has announced findings of an investigation into the Niagara IceDogs Hockey Club. https://t.co/hqaWvQ2zWX pic.twitter.com/w2Jtrsf5FI— OntarioHockeyLeague (@OHLHockey) April 6, 2022
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--- Quote ---Ontario Hockey League Commissioner David Branch today announced that Niagara IceDogs General Manager, Team Governor and minority owner Joey Burke and Head Coach and minority owner Billy Burke have been indefinitely suspended and, together with the team, fined a combined $150,000.00. An investigation was launched into their overall conduct following the League receiving transcripts of a March 6, 2022 WhatsApp conversation.

Based on the results of the League investigation, it is the position of the League that their conduct is prejudicial to the welfare of the OHL as it violates the Leagues’ Harassment & Abuse / Diversity Policy and also runs counter to the OHL’s Onside program which emphasizes the importance of demonstrating respect for women through actions and words.
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A Statement From Billy Burke and Joey Burke https://t.co/wUQYxtethe pic.twitter.com/u2kvSSQgN4— Niagara IceDogs (@OHLIceDogs) April 7, 2022
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You can find their WhatsApp chat screenshots in the comments.


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