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World Junior Hockey Championships (WJC) 2014

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Pre-tournament exhibition games before opening day (Boxing Day Dec. 26th), Canada vs Finland, Connor McDavid's pretty spin-o-rama...

Russ Bitely  @russbites
High hockey IQ: Not only did McDavid make that little pass to Horvat on 2nd goal, he knew Finn wanted to clobber him. Nice spin move.

Canada wins, by the way, 4 to 2.


TSN's broadcast schedule for all games:


Kessel Run:
It's nice watching a good team for once.

Team Canada defeated Team Germany 7-2, led by Anthony Mantha's hat-trick.  Jonathan Drouin assisted on each of Mantha's goals, while Canadian wunderkind Connor McDavid assisted on two others.  Even though Germany took the lead, there was no looking back after Mathew Dumba's goal tied the game, which saw Canada unleash it's offensive prowess.

Anderson, Reinhart, Horvat & Petan were the other Canadian scorers.

Here's the latest story:



--- Quote from: Kessel Run on December 26, 2013, 09:13:45 AM ---It's nice watching a good team for once.

--- End quote ---

Something to cheer about!


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