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2015/17 WJHC


Hockey Canada has announced that the 2015 and 2017 World Juniors will be shared by Toronto and Montreal. In 2015, Montreal will host Canada's preliminary round group and 2 quarter-finals (12 games) with Toronto hosting the other group and the rest of the medal round (19 games). In 2017, the opposite will be true.


Let's hope they don't jack up the ticket prices since the games are in big markets. Don't make the same mistake the Bills in Toronto series did.

In comparison, looking back at the 2012 tournament tickets were $320 in Edmonton and $399 in Calgary. Edmonton's package was 10 games, which included all of Canada's preliminary round games. Calgary had 21 games which included all of the medal round games. Only difference in '15 and '17 is that the the city hosting Canada in the prelims will also have 2 of the quarter-finals. Considering the buildings are comparable size, I would HOPE that pricing would be comparable as well. But I'm like KoHo in thinking that they will try to squeeze every possible $ they can with it.

Turns out ticket prices were inflated a bit. A package in the Greens at the ACC for 2015 was $811+fees. Platinums topped out at $2861+fees. This is for 19 games total.

I was able to get 2 seats in the Greens. I won't be able to go to all games. If anyone might be interested send me a PM. I'll follow up after the actual schedule is posted.


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