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What does everyone think Treliving's first move as GM will be?
If Philly's shedding assets I'm calling on Konecny.
Quote from: herman on Yesterday at 09:08:47 AMThey're also extremely aggressive on the market (Pietrangelo, Eichel) and have the ruthlessness to cut bait on formerly key players that is all completely forgotten when the Cup and banner are raised.

Don't forget getting Mark Stone for a song too.

And they aren't just ruthless with their players. 3 different head coaches in 6 seasons.
Vegas goals scorers last night:

Marchessault x2, left exposed by FLA in the expansion draft despite coming off a 30-goal season
Martinez, acquired from LA for a pair of 2nd rounders
Roy, acquired from CAR for Erik Haula
Howden x2, acquired from NYR for a 4th rounder
Amadio, claimed off waivers from TOR

Chandler Stephenson led the team in ice-time, was acquired from WSH for a 5th rounder.
Never give up on your dreams, kids.
Quote from: L K on June 05, 2023, 09:59:55 AMProbably a sign that Doan is done with the nonsense in Arizona if thats the case?  I don't particularly hate it but I also don't know that he has done anything to make me think he's a good hockey executive.

If Doan being in the organization is the thing that keeps Matthews in Toronto....that seems weird?

I'm mostly just joshing about the Matthews thing. But I don't think him having a role with the Leafs or even just being someone who could vouch for Treliving to him would be completely meaningless as the two attempt to speed-run a relationship here.
It feels very weird that the Leafs are preventing Babcock from signing with Columbus until his contract expires on the 30th. What's the point?

I think everyone knows how much the flat cap has sucked but that's a pretty crazy way to put it. Assuming a $1mil cap increase this offseason the cap will have gone up by just $4mil over the course of Nylander's 6-year contract. If the $88mil projections for the 24/25 cap stand it'll go up by more than that in a single offseason after Nylander's deal expires.

I sorta shrugged at this until I remembered who Auston Matthews' childhood idol is.
I think this eventually turns into a pretty good deal once Caufield develops a bit and the cap jumps up. He was on pace for 46 goals before his shoulder injury in January (don't look at assists).

If there was ever a time though for a young star who hasn't exploded yet to think, maybe I should take a bridge, the current environment would certainly be one.
Man, he must have taken the Dubas news hard.
Quote from: Dappleganger on June 01, 2023, 04:13:51 PMFirst hire for Treliving, replacing the departed Spencer Carbury with Bruce Boudreau. 😎

I don't want Boudreau's career to end the way it did in Vancouver.

Certainly not the first time it's been suggested for Boudreau. Even before he was picked up by Vancouver there were calls to make him an assistant. I feel like Treliving would need to commit to Keefe with an extension first as well though. It would be a massive distraction and not fair to anyone if a possible Boudreau promotion was looming over Keefe all season long.

Having a very, very experienced AC could be a good thing for Keefe too. As far as I remember his assistants have generally been either somewhat new or very new to the NHL as well.
Quote from: OldTimeHockey on June 02, 2023, 07:21:43 AMI'm still struggling to see how this is bad optics for Toronto or Dubas. On one hand, you had a GM cast doubt on whether he wanted to continue which was then followed by an ask for lots of money. I look at that ask as a "well if I'm going to do it, I may as well swing for the fences" kind of ask. Dubas was well within his rights to do so. As was Toronto well within their rights to walk away from said request and the GM that had cast doubts in their minds.

Was Dubas' press conference pre firing well handled? Nope
Was Shanahan's handling of the situation following that done properly? Probably not

Is either of those really that much of a disaster to the point that there's been two weeks of media drama? I personally don't think so.

That's a bingo. At the time, I was considerably a lot more against Shanahan over what happened. Which shouldn't be all that surprising since I've openly been a supporter for Dubas since his first day in the organization.

I've cooled off a lot in the past 2 weeks. Worst thing I can say now is that I do believe the Leafs acted a little too hastily in deciding to fire him almost immediately after that new contract demand. I can't imagine there wasn't some middle ground that could have been found there. But it also sounds like that may have been a bit of an upstairs call, so whatever.

There's no villains in this story though, regardless of which way you look at it. It's unfortunate the way this era ended but life will go on in Leafland and Dubas will enjoy his new job in Pittsburgh.