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Eichel to Vegas

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--- Quote from: L K on November 04, 2021, 08:50:56 AM ---So 3rd round pick swabs in 2023, a top 10 protected 1st round pick in 2022, Peyton Krebs (2019 17th overall) and Alex Tuch for Eichel.

Buffalo is too cheap to have salary so they are keeping Tuch off LTIR to maintain the cap floor (how is that not cap circumvention?)

Vegas is going to have about 28 million dollars in players on LTIR to fit under the cap.

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Don't get to put players on LTIR if you don't need the cap space. As Buffalo is nowhere near the cap ceiling, they obviously can't.

EDIT: Even if they could, Tuch would still count against the cap. Can't punish the Sabres for an option that isn't available to them, and wouldn't change things even if it were. They're playing by the rules - pushing them to their limits, but still playing within them.

Pending trade call, The @BuffaloSabres trade Jack Eichel and a 2023 3rd round pick, to the @GoldenKnights for Peyton Krebs, Alex Tuch, a 1st in 2022 and a 3rd in 2023.— Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) November 4, 2021
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So pretty much exactly what I suggested yesterday minus the salary dumps that Buffalo could have potentially flipped at the deadline for more assets.


--- Quote from: Bender on November 04, 2021, 08:09:07 AM ---I thought Vegas didn't have the space, but man the balls on that organization. They really help keep the NHL trade front mildly interesting.

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Post-expansion draft they've acquired a 1C (Eichel), 1LW (Pacioretty), 1RW (Stone), 1D (Pietrangelo), 2D (Martinez), and 1G (Lehner) all through trades and signings.

Meh for Buffalo

Interesting for Vegas

Like, obviously the most important factor here is Eichel's neck and his ability to recover from the eventual surgery but, like, even then this feels like a super good gamble on Vegas' part. The only reason it maybe doesn't look great is they've done so much to improve via trade previous to this that they don't have much in the way of good prospects and absent Eichel coming back at full strength it's not a roster that comes across as a top tier contender.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the atmosphere in Vegas' building if they find themselves capped out and mediocre for a few years.


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