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COVID Cap Crunch - 2020 Offseason

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He already did Kapanen for a first and H?llander (plus other stuff)
The Penguins have acquired a conditional 2021 draft pick from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for forward Nick Bjugstad.
The conditional pick will give the Penguins five picks in the 2021 draft.

Full details: https://t.co/vbCbvAibhZ pic.twitter.com/2De3uVgsY6— Pittsburgh Penguins (@penguins) September 11, 2020
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Now he?s selling off Bjugstad with retained salary for... a conditional 7th.


--- Quote from: herman on September 11, 2020, 09:26:39 PM ---Now he?s selling off Bjugstad with retained salary for... a conditional 7th.

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I'm not sure I get the derision. He's on an expiring deal not anywhere near worth his cap hit which is pretty substantial.. 4.2M or something like that... especially with the flat cap, is it realistic he'd be moved without retention?

Frank E:
Yeah, if anything I don't really understand it from Minnesota's perspective.

I'm guessing the only value here is if he rebounds, they can flip him.

Have a look at Minnesota's roster...brutal:  https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/wild

I always liked Bjugstad; thought he was really going to break out after a couple pretty good years early on in Florida. I think a 7th rounder is worth the risk, really. He's only 28 and has produced quite nicely when healthy. Assuming Pitt is retaining a decent chunk of that 4.1 million, makes sense to me if I'm Minnesota.

I really thought Florida was going to be a force in the Atlantic a few years ago with Barkov-Trocheck-Bjugstad down the middle. So much for that I guess.

I think Minny made out well in this trade though. 50% retained salary (so a $2.05mil AAV) and all they give up is a 7th IF he plays 70 games or scores 35 points.


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