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While watching the Leafs big boys eat up the Panthers last night i got to wondering ...who...and how many Leafs will be named to the All Star team this year ? Assuming Matthews and Reilly are locks...a case could be made for a few others too...is there a cap on the number of All Stars from 1 team?
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / General Leafs Talk v2.0
August 13, 2013, 11:31:06 AM
I just read an article about Carter Ashton and his development. The trade was Keith Aulie for Ashton. Not hugely significant but a deal that the Leafs lost.
General NHL News & Views / NHL Punks and Weasels
March 04, 2013, 07:46:07 AM
Seeing Patrick Kaleta of the Sabres shove Brad Richards headfirst into the boards reminded me what a huge punk Kaleta is. Who else belongs on the punk list ?
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Who was the craziest Maple Leaf ?
September 17, 2012, 09:14:07 AM
Who do you think was the craziest Leaf you can remember? My vote goes to Paul Higgins. He was a Leaf goon from 81 to 83 (only appeared in 25 games). Higgins would do anything when he was on the ice. Stick in the face, blindside elbow to the head, etc. He would start fights at the end of periods because he had not been on the ice  in the game.
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Cody Franson
November 23, 2011, 02:06:55 PM
Franson is starting to look good. He has a few points and is using his big body to hit. He wrote off Stamkos beside the net last night. Wilson is going to have a tough decision when Komisarek gets healthy.
Members of the Toronto media should be embarassed by their conduct. What they pass off as sports reporting is nothing more than provocative B.S. They know the hockey-mad fans will read whatever they put out so they give us garbage. And we keep buying the papers or clicking on their blogs. Maybe it's that mentality of driving past a car accident and slowing down to see the wreck. Bill Watters and Steve Simmons and the other Jerry Springer wannabe's should realize they are probably a prime reason why some athlete's won't come to Toronto. I like reading all things to do with the Leafs but I will try to boycott these types. I don't want to support their verbal trash.