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Round 3: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders

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L K:
Wow.  Turnover and a goal a minute into OT and they go to Game 7

Islanders fans litter ice with empty cans in potential last game at Coliseum

Best fans my ass. Just gross.


--- Quote from: L K on June 23, 2021, 11:01:52 PM ---Wow.  Turnover and a goal a minute into OT and they go to Game 7

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The hockey apocalypse could soon be upon us

So its looking like this cross-check (no call on the play) on Kucherov is what caused him to leave the game… pic.twitter.com/p2xFSApas4— alberto (@twistedleafs) June 24, 2021
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Here's what led to that scrum at end of period. Mayfield cross-checks Stamkos' head into the dasher pic.twitter.com/PCw9KWVPt1— NHL Review (@nhl_review) June 24, 2021
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Stamkos said explanation he got from an official was Mayfield cross-check on Kucherov was not "malicious" enough to warrant a penalty. Cooper didn't get that explanation but thought if that were the case, it would be curious because it doesn't have to be malicioius to be called.— Bryan Burns (@BBurnsNHL) June 24, 2021
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L K:
The NHL is the only frigging league that cares more about garbage players than it’s stars.


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