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Round 1: Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild

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The @GoldenKnights and @mnwild will contest their first head-to-head #StanleyCup Playoffs series.

Minnesota has the NHL's best regular-season record versus Vegas, having only lost two games in regulation against the club since 2017-18 (11-2-3, 25 points). #NHLStats pic.twitter.com/1Rgim241T0— NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) May 14, 2021
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See you on Sunday, Fortress. 🏰 #KnightUp pic.twitter.com/N5XZOGIcDX— Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) May 14, 2021
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Heroic Shrimp:
Upset 'em, Minnesota!

Heroic Shrimp:
Recurring theme here, game 1 is going to OT.

Knights lose game 1. Still a long series and all but this one has big upset energy.

Guilt Trip:
And Minny wins it in OT after a forced giveaway from their prized signing.


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