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Allstate All-Canadians

Started by leafsjunkie, August 03, 2011, 12:10:25 PM

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My company is in partnership with the NHLPA and have events going on all week. Kevin Bieksa is here at my work in a Boardroom which they've made up to look like a dressing room with equipment, stalls and Jerseys etc... Kevin is signing autographs and taking pics. They are giving away a signed Bieksa Jersey later on.

My son is a Vancouver fan (god knows why) so I got him to autograph a picture. He says to me 'For your son "Matthew" eh'.... (implying my name was Matthew and it was for me), I laughed and said nice try, I'm a Leafs fan buddy. Good times, seemed like a nice guy.   :D


Oh and just to add to the post, there is a top prospects game this weekend (42 of the best Bantom players). It will be on TSN2 I think. It will be team Schenn vs team Spezza, who are the coaches for the game. Kerry Fraser is reffing.


Team Spezza defeated Team Schenn in a 10-9 shootout today in the AllState Mentorship Cup.


"Great players on both sides, phenomenal talent," said Spezza. "Hockey's in a good place in Canada. With the way the camp's gone, a 10-9 shootout win for us, it couldn't be scripted any better."

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