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I can't watch the game.   How are we doing?

Remember last year when the team really needed a win in the playoffs to move on to the next round and they had three chances to do it?  Like that.


I was really hoping in 2017 when we had Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Kadri, Kapanen, Johnsson, Connor Brown, Hyman and Rielly that we had the makings of a young core that could carry us until 2027.   Kadri, Hyman and Rielly were on good value contracts.

I really want to see the Leafs win a Cup.

Yeah, it seems so long ago.  I mean we as fans had the optimism after drafting Matthews, and we were all dreaming that this team was going to be like the Hawks.  The team had some franchise players to build around, some cornerstone superstars that could be in the discussion for second best player in the league (I mean, there is only one McDavid).  Now this is a confused dysfunctional team that looks like half of them are interested and the other half are scared.  And as fans we just have to put up with embarrassing moment after embarrassing moment while having our hopes dashed game after game and year after year.  All we wanted as fans was a team we could be proud of, and here we are wondering why they are struggling just to win a game.

I agree with your perspective.  My grandparents moved to the Maritimes from Toronto in the 50s and were diehard Leaf fans and my 1 year old grandson even has a Jersey as well as 3 of my 4 kids.  So 5 generations now.

I have been disappointed for the 1st time in 52 years...yes I was born after the last Leaf Cup.  I find it weird you can't say you're discouraged without some judgemental fan saying "Well leave and cheer for another team" especially when they haven't hung in as long as some of us here.

I can't watch the game.   How are we doing?

Remember last year when the team really needed a win in the playoffs to move on to the next round and they had three chances to do it?  Like that.


I was really hoping in 2017 when we had Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Kadri, Kapanen, Johnsson, Connor Brown, Hyman and Rielly that we had the makings of a young core that could carry us until 2027.   Kadri, Hyman and Rielly were on good value contracts.

I really want to see the Leafs win a Cup.

I can't watch the game.   How are we doing?

Marlies & Prospect Talk / Re: Ranking Prospects 2021-2022
« on: September 01, 2021, 06:33:48 PM »
PPP 13. Nick Abruzzese

He's older than Sandin!

TLN 8. Nick Abruzzese
Probably going to see Abruzzese tomorrow, eh?

Happy Nick Abruzzese day!

I woke up thinking that there was something special about this day.  Thanks Nick!

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Rielly
« on: August 11, 2021, 10:39:34 PM »

Other people have pointed it out but it's hard not to see how Edmonton set themselves up for this. By taking Keith's money they allowed Chicago to sign Jones for what they did and that bumps Nurse's price up too.

Really just some galaxy brain stuff from Holland this year.

I used to wonder how the Leafs could hire so many incompetent GMs in a row but I see Edmonton seems to be able to as well.

I think your assessment of Holland's outrageously bad handling of this is bang on.  Holland's last few years at Detroit was littered with some player contracts that were head scratchers as well.

After the last few seasons in Detroit, Edmonton then signs Holland for I think 5 years.  Crazy!

Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Re: Rielly
« on: August 06, 2021, 01:20:37 PM »
I'm going to shamelessly repost some of my thoughts on Rielly that I wrote the other day in a different thread since it's pretty relevant here:

I wonder how much Rielly's offence slightly drying up is going to affect his contract. Krug at $6.5mil seems like a reasonable comparison but he was coming off 3 straight seasons where he was pretty much consistently at the 65-point pace level. He was 6th among defencemen in points in that 3 season stretch and 5th in points per game. He was one of the top offensive defencemen in the game.

Rielly followed up his massive 18/19 season with a 47-point pace season and then a 52-point pace season. He's 9th in points and points per game over the last 3 years but that's largely based off that 18/19 season. Over the past 2 seasons he's tied for 27th in points and tied for 19th in points per game. And considering the team seem to be moving towards having Sandin run the top PP unit I wouldn't be that surprised if he fell below the 50-point mark again this upcoming season.

So I don't doubt that Rielly will be looking for big bucks on his next contract but his offensive numbers are dropping to the point where he's not among the highest scoring defencemen anymore, he plays big 5-on-5 minutes but hasn't been handling the toughest defensive assignments for a little while now, he might dropped to the second powerplay unit, and he only PKs when another defenceman is in the penalty box. I love Rielly and all but looking at this logically unless he has an absolutely monster 21/22 season I'm not even really sure how you justify giving him more than what Muzzin got on his extension.

This!!   All day long!!

If you didn't shamelessly repost this from the other thread I was going to.

Rielly had one outlier year offensively and people think it will cause him to be worth big money.  Krug has been more consistent the last few years offensively than Rielly and I feel has been better defensively and received $6.5 MIL on the open market.

We got Kessel's $1.2 MIL retention coming of the books so that gives a little wiggle room but I figured that might be part of Sandin and Campbell's pay raises.  So I agree with you CTB, I would keep Rielly around Muzzin's contract and maybe give him $5.7 MIL just to make Rielly the highest paid Leafs dman.  If that isn't good enough then let him walk and sign with Edmonton for a ridiculous contract.

I was hoping they might bring some snarl to the team.

After seeing Foligno sign for $3.8 MIL AAV for 2 years I am glad Dubas ducked that one. 

Then I figured that Kuraly might be decent as a hard hitting 4th liner but he got signed for $2.5 MIL for 4 years by CLB. Ouch! Similar player Paquette signed in MTL for $0.950 MIL.

Love the Bunting signing.   Mrazek and Kampf make sense but I feel neither are a steal but simply market value for both.  At least they aren't bad over payments.

Maybe Ritchie as a cost effective LW Foligno replacement and a cheap 6/7 RHD Bogosian replacement like Gudbranson or Jani Hakanpaa would help balance the skill portion of the Leafs.

That's probably the worst Campbell has ever played in a playoff least I can't remember him playing worse ever before.

The veterans brought in were okay but out of Foligno, Nash, Simmonds, Thornton and Spezza I hope the only one that returns is Spezza but I don't know if he would want to.

Marner is demonstrating that he is terribly overpaid but that makes him unmoveable...reminds of Phaneuf's unmoveable contract.

Loved the additions of Brodie and Bogosian.  Disappointed that Muzzin was hurt again.  Can't believe that Tavares was hurt in the 1st period of the 1st game.

Wow, I am already moving on.  I hope to see you all next season.  Take Care!

I think that Deebo gave a very reasoned explanation as to why they may not watch.  I could see others feeling the same way.  Some people don't like the tension that a game 7 creates, especially when it could create a series of ups and downs that would be hard to regulate your emotions on.

When I was younger, I loved it.

Things have changed for me over the last few years and I hate getting worked up over something so trivial as sports, so sometimes I avoid it.

I feel you, and I think I am in the same spot.  I get torn because I want to watch, but I really don't like how the games make me feel or act as they play out.  The whole situation makes me feel worse because it's not a problem if they are winning, or even playing well in most cases, but when things go off the rails for the team, then I start looking for answers, and I have a hard time finding them.  That makes me feel like a sore loser.

Being a sports fan is really such a weird thing. We look for explanations for subpar performance, try to come up with answers or things to do (trade Marner for example) but in fact we have absolutely no control over any aspect of it. That must be messing with our brains in some way!

I don't care if the team loses if they appear to be playing up to their abilities, giving full effort, playing smart. I haven't seen that for large stretches of the last 2 games. If they're not putting in the effort, why should I spend my time and aggravate myself watching another game 7 loss. I don't know. I've invested so much time and energy this season I'll probably wind up putting the game on and if they win I'll be happy, at least for a while. I can't fault anyone for skipping it though.

That's interesting.  I am at the same point in my life.    As some of you here might remember my grand daughter died with sids a few years ago, my mom passed suddenly a little over a year ago, some family situations are serious and this isn't as enjoyable when the team doesn't play as well as it could.  It really isn't about winning in my books, it is playing the best they can.  With life the way it is I just don't have the heart and energy for this like I used to.  But don't dare say I am not a Leafs fan anymore.

Anyway, Monday is my 53rd birthday and I hope our team delivers a win for my present.


Last time I said Go Leafs Go, the Habs scored twice, so I will just cross my fingers and keep watching. :)


Go Leafs Go!

Go Leafs Go??

Go Leafs Go!

Go Leafs Go!

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