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Forum issue: 500 - Internal Server Error


The forum main page ( appears to be giving out a 500 - Internal Server Error message when you try to load it up.

If you're reading this message, you've likely loaded up the forum through one of the sub board links which appear to be working fine. I've found that you can also access any of the other sub boards by using the "jump to" feature in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Rick's been informed and he's going to hopefully get it all fixed up for us when he can.

Rick Couchman:
Sorry guys and gals.  I was out of town all day with no access to a laptop.

Tough day to have the site crash.  Apparently there was a trade or something?  ;)

I was incredibly productive at work today.

I got this error again when logging in today (10.52 UK time so 5.52 ET)

I got in by typing the address into the address bar after logging in


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