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JackLayton temporarily steps down due to new cancer

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L K:
Difficult news for the NDP party as it leaves a group of inexperienced MPs without their veteran mentor.  Kind of a bit of a kick to the party that essentially campaigned as a bunch of tidings for l
Layton rather than the NDP party.

As an aside and only limited medical expert, the prostate cancer coupled with broken hip does have me immediately thinking of bone cancer that has spread from the prostate.  I know that the press conference indicated that it was different but my initial thought is that it's not unlikely to be bone-related.

Regardless, best wishes in treatment and a hopeful recovery.

Hope he fights off this terrible disease.  Life is so precious.  Get Well Jack.

Wishing Mr. Layton all the best in his fight against cancer. 

The strenuous and stressful pace of politics can it's toll on even a recovering cancer patient.  Trouble being that apparently Mr. Layton's cancer was not fully harnessed, or so, the way everyone including himself thought.  I was wondering if a recurrence would happen after having gone through the rigorous pace of the election campaign.

Let's hope he makes it.  As a Torontonian, I remember him well as a councillor representing his ward, in the city of Toronto.

I just saw him this morning on the news and will admit he looks terrible. Ive seen that look before. I wish nothing but the best for Jack. Political affiliations aside, Jack has always been on the side of the average guy.....and thats his strength.

Frank E:
Can't stand the guy's politics and arrogance, but don't wish this sh*t on anyone.


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