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Who uses it and is it worth it?

I am on the free 30 day trial and I have already watched 3 movies, so I guess I already would have got my moneys worth had I paid the $7.99 for the month..I think it's that much for a new DVD rental at Rogers or Blockbuster..



I think it's worth it for the documentaries alone.

I think its pretty good, I go weeks without using it, but if I watch 1-2 movies a month, I find its worth it.

As long as you don't mind waiting for newer movies to be on there.

I tried the 30-day trial and loved it. Plenty of great TV shows that I've always wanted to see. In the end I had to cancel it though, it was killing my bandwidth cap.


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I think it's worth it for the documentaries alone.

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You mean like the Water Bottle one currently on offer? I haven't figured it all out yet..

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I don't know that one but I've caught a bunch of great ones.


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