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RIP Eugene Melnyk

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It is with great sadness that the family of Eugene Melnyk and the Ottawa Senators hockey organization announce his passing on March 28, 2022 after an illness he faced with determination and courage. https://t.co/MrHsTvu7sz pic.twitter.com/DOZrJcD26e— Ottawa Senators (@Senators) March 29, 2022
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Surprising, I suppose, despite the transplant stuff from a while back. You have to wonder how this affects the Senators ownership situation long term. If they can't get a downtown arena built you have to wonder how many people there are who want to own them in their current financial situation. Say what you want to about Melnyk as a person, he did seem dedicated to trying to make it work in Ottawa.

Eugene during covid did a lot of good. Sending food to hospitals and front line workers. Offering up the CTC for Vaccination centers. Hell he even paid employees at the sens store downtown for shifts even though they closed during the convoy BS.— Matt Bossty (@MattBosty) March 29, 2022
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Peter D.:
I know he's been ill for a while, but his passing still feels like it came out of nowhere.  Only 62.  Sad.

He was an odd cat in terms of his ownership, but you can't say he wasn't passionate about the team.

Younger than my dad. Brutal. I didn't know he was sick. I know we all made fun of his sometimes questionable ownership but this is awful news to hear.


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