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Canada Joins Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics

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Have to be honest, I think this is pretty gutless. Nobody cares about a diplomatic presence at the Olympics. By sending the Athletes you're effectively endorsing the games.

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The only thing I would say is its tough for the athletes themselves to lose out on the opportunity as the Olympics so boycotting hurts them pretty hard.  I feel bad for the athletes in that situation.

I don't care about NHL players (at this point I think they should just not go) but it sucks for the more typical "amateur" athletes.

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100%. But it also sucks for humans to be held in concentration camps.  :-\

Full blame goes to the IOC for giving them the games (again).

We empower China every time we buy something.


--- Quote from: Highlander on December 09, 2021, 12:06:47 PM ---We empower China every time we buy something.

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I'm really annoyed with this kind of thinking. If everything was viewed upstream we wouldn't even be talking about individuals purchasing things from China because more manufacturers would've diversified elsewhere.

Auto manufacturers produce gas cars and fingers get pointed at the individual. Companies over use packaging and plastics, but you know who's at fault? The individual. This is absolutely ludicrous.

If we want to stop empowering China our corporations need to put people over profits. But hey, free market capitalism and the invisible hand of the market always allocates capital in the most correct way.

/Rant over

My friend sent me this video of this poor skiier slamming his cock and balls directly into a slalom gate at high speed and I have to say it really made me reconsider the severity of my problems in the grand scheme of things pic.twitter.com/GgAAUCIb5v— Fredo Fabrucci: Gentleman Kong (@Utwitily) February 7, 2022
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This gem is from the 2006 winter games

L K:
Some shenanigans going on in speed skating handing gold medals to China. 

Then Russian figure skating is involved in a doping issue.

The Olympics really are a mess.


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