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Ducks place GM Murray on administrative leave pending investigation

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The lack of surprise from sources about Bob Murray being placed on leave and being investigated is ... jarring. @AnaheimDucks— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) November 9, 2021
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Anyone want to be in HR for an NHL org? Lol


Feels like the responsible thing to do in that case is at least hint what the issue is.

Key part of #NHLDucks statement on GM Bob Murray placed on administrative leave:

This investigation has been underway and this move to separate Murray from the team now is based on "recommendation from their initial findings."— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) November 9, 2021
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Re: Bob Murray…doesn’t sound like one singular incident that led the Ducks to put their GM on administrative leave, but rather his behavior towards staffers & what one source described as an “abusive culture.”

A source says all of the initial complaints involve verbal abuse.— Emily Kaplan (@emilymkaplan) November 10, 2021
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The NHL sent a memo after Blackhawks case & basically told teams: if you know of any abuse, you must report it.

Sounds like that led some in Ducks organization to question Bob Murray’s behavior. Some allegations may be years old, but people feel more empowered to speak up now.— Emily Kaplan (@emilymkaplan) November 10, 2021
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*Ducks HR receive a memo about reporting abuse*


*glances nervously at an old file cabinet labeled 'B. Murray'*


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