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Ducks place GM Murray on administrative leave pending investigation

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Heroic Shrimp:
Bob Murray is resigning from the Anaheim Ducks and will enter an alcohol abuse program.— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) November 11, 2021
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Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Murray has resigned from his position, effective immediately. As announced yesterday, Jeff Solomon will be the club’s Interim General Manager. https://t.co/JDmSDWRLxx— Anaheim Ducks (@AnaheimDucks) November 11, 2021
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Dave Nonis, former GM of the Leafs and Canucks, has a high-level position with the Ducks in Anaheim. If anyone has the right demeanor to calm the kind of storm that led to Bob Murray's resignation, it is Nonis.— Steve Simmons (@simmonssteve) November 11, 2021
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Guy who has almost certainly stood by Bob Murray's side and watched him be an abusive POS for the past 6 years is definitely the best person to replace him, yup yup.

Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate:
So what is it that Murray is accused of doing?

Apparently he wouldn’t do his own googling and kept passing questions off to everyone else.


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