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2021-2022 NHL Thread

Started by Nik, August 13, 2021, 08:07:37 PM

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Quote from: Joe on August 01, 2022, 08:36:24 AM
I get what you're saying. There's 2 possible scenarios here I suppose, Kadri is holding out for something very specific and may have painted himself into a corner or GMs aren't willing to go big or long term with Kadri.

My mini rant is based on the latter scenario.

I love Kadri as much as the next person, but is the latter scenario even that outrageous? Kadri turns 32 years old when the 22/23 season starts, has consistently been a 50-60 point player throughout his career, scored at just a 46-point pace in 20/21 and then at a 100-point pace in 21/22. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that teams would be very wary about going big/long-term with him.

Like you brought up Hyman who was certainly an overpayment and not a contract I'd want on the Leafs, but I don't think a 29-year old Hyman signing for 7 years at $5.5mil is a worse deal than a soon to be 32-year old Kadri signing for 7 years @ $8-9mil. At least you know what you're getting from Hyman.


I completely agree with everything you posted there, and I think anything more than 5 years is nuts for Kadri. But I guess my point is why is there no hesitation for go 7x5 with hyman but hesitation with Kadri (forget the term - I mean more the salary)

I think my original point was that if hyman is worth 5 mil than surely Kadri is worth more and shouldn't need to take a 1 year 1 mil contract to 'prove himself'. That's what originally set me off.

You take him away from that Colorado talent and I'm positive he loses 15-20 assists.


I think the most important point here is who signed Hyman. Were there any other teams dying to sign Hyman at that number or salary?
Maybe it's just the Oilers throwing off the market. Wouldn't  be he first time

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Quote from: Heroic Shrimp on August 03, 2022, 08:41:57 AM

Guess where the Leafs rank among team cap sheets?

I was surprised after all the complaints I see on Twitter and in here. My own included sometimes!



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