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A woman who alleged she was sexually assaulted by eight CHL players, including members of Canada’s 2017-18 World Junior team, has agreed to drop a lawsuit against the players, Hockey Canada, and the CHL after reaching a settlement.

Story from @rwesthead: https://t.co/PzLvQ8p9Wm pic.twitter.com/fHS2BAhZFv— TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) May 26, 2022
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Major content warning on this as the allegations of sexual assault are spelled out

Heroic Shrimp:
Former Detroit Red Wings star Vladimir Konstantinov has severe brain damage after a 1997 crash.

Now, he's in danger of losing round-the-clock medical care because of a change to Michigan law for those suffering from serious traffic-related injuries. https://t.co/EAQmBJg7u8 pic.twitter.com/q5RDHUTm0U— The Associated Press (@AP) May 29, 2022
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This is probably not a big issue for people and understandably but is there a reason why the NHL hasn't added an All-NHL 3rd team to the end of year all star selections? Or why they haven't moved it to just having 3 forwards instead of LW-C-RW?

Seems if the purpose is to create an accurate picture of who were the important guys in the league you'd have to have a way to genuinely do that. As it stands, if they vote by virtue of listed positiosn, one of Draisaitl or Stamkos(I'm assuming McDavid and Matthews are locks for the two spots at Centre) won't be on the league end all-star team but someone like Mikko Rantanen or Patrick Kane will be.

L K:
Comparing it to Al the NBA selection you have 3 teams for 15 players.  Rosters have 15 players.

I’m surprised you don’t have 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and two goaltenders

Oh. My. God. ELIAS PETTERSSON WHAT THE FUCK pic.twitter.com/DktNsltF4M— luho JAMmikko (@gripitandrippit) May 31, 2022
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