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2021-2022 NHL Thread

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Maybe he is just going by who would win a foot race.

Guilt Trip:
And Slavin is good, real good.

Also, Ekblad? Chabot's offence is marginally better, sure, but the rest of their games? Ekblad every day of the week.

L K:
I'd like to see what Chabot looks like as a 20-22 minute defensemen.  They play him too much and I think his defensive play suffers for it.

He's also a guy who a career high of 55 points but then put up 39 in 71, 31 in 49 and 38 in 59GP the following three seasons.  Where does his 82GP play out to based on those numbers...I don't know.    I don't care for projecting scoring because when you only play a 1/2 to 2/3 of a season that's a big chunk of games to just give a guy credit for the production.

I'd easily take Fox who has 25 fewer points in 3 seasons compared to Chabot's 6.  He's also a year younger and this year is showing that he also produces extremely well in the postseason. (10 points in 8 games).

I don't particularly care for Darnell Nurse.  And I'll concede Hanifin and Parayko but it seems like an odd flex.


--- Quote from: Guilt Trip on May 19, 2022, 09:23:46 AM ---And Slavin is good, real good.

--- End quote ---

Yup. Chabot's numbers are definitely more eye-popping, but, Slavin is the better overall defenceman.

Really, this guy is 3 for 8 on this list - and, looking at role, defensive play, etc., that might even be debatable.


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