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Jake Virtanen


With the Canucks buying out Virtanen what’s everyone’s thoughts on possibly signing him. Know he’s going through some allegations etc and I’ve not a huge fan of his but should the Leafs look at him. Probably come cheap and definitely fill a spot on the bottom 6. Think he can turn it around? Opinions?

L K:
Nope.  The accusations are regarding sexual assault. 

IF he is found innocent/not guilty he deserves every opportunity to continue to try and make an NHL team but I want absolutely no part of that character on the Leafs

Nope. Just not worth the potential distractions, optics, etc.

Also, it's not like there won't be plenty of okay 3rd line wingers available.

absolutely not.

We do not need that kind of distraction.

Hard no.  Off-ice issues aside, he not a very good hockey player


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