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Good ol' Canadian boy, William from Calgary.

William Nylander takes a tripping penalty early into OT. Canada goes to the power play with a chance to win it— TSN (@TSN_Sports) May 26, 2022
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Oh yeah, my gameplan every time will be to take the puck at someone and let my skates just sort of drift into his space and fall down. Profit!

Frank E:
Typical Nylander...being too physical and getting himself into penalty trouble.

I wish he'd just back off and play the puck sometimes.

Wow from hero to zero, oh well, Go Canada!!!  ;D ;D



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--- Quote from: herman on May 24, 2022, 07:05:31 PM ---William Nylander was dishing out hits during Sweden's game against Latvia this morning 👀— Michael (@TheLeafsIMO) May 24, 2022
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So we should expect this next season?

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This is literally all I was looking for to complete him as a dominate player.   Not 'Tom Wilson' style.  Literally this...and I then wondered "So we should expect this next season?". 


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