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2019 World Juniors Hockey Championship

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Kicks off Dec 26.

Confirmed Leafs prospects in the mix:
Ian Scott
Filip Kral
Rasmus Sandin
Pontus Holmberg

Eemeli Rasanen nope
Joseph Woll old
Timothy Liljegren (injured)

I've read that last years 6th rounder, Pontus Holmberg, is having a pretty good season and playing himself into contention for the WJC team.

Also Liljegren got hurt over the weekend. No word on the severity yet but something to keep an eye on. It'd be a shame if it kept him out of this.

Frank E:
Is Scott a front-runner to start for Canada?


--- Quote from: Frank E on December 03, 2018, 10:31:17 AM ---Is Scott a front-runner to start for Canada?

--- End quote ---

From my light reading it seems like the two goalies will be him and Michael DiPietro. DiPietro's only 11-8 this season but he has the best GAA in the OHL and the 5th best Sv%. He was last years OHL Goalie of the Year and has a Memorial Cup under his belt from 2017. So he's arguably got a better pedigree, but Scott obviously has the better stats this season. The starter will probably be decided by whoever looks better in the preliminary games.


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