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The UK still only uses a 1 ref, 2 linesmen system. The ref who was running this game has history of losing control of games over the years also. I think with a 2 man system you don't get this far as the hits from behind aren't missed.

But the disciplinary decisions are a joke. Of course the chairman of the Elite league is also the chairman of the Sheffield Steelers for who Fretter plays. Now I wouldn't say he has an influence but it doesn't look good...

Here's a good comparison as well actually

One of these incidents is deemed by the league to be twice as bad as the other. Have a guess which is which? pic.twitter.com/N2LNpwI8ER— Davy (@Davy_McG) October 25, 2017
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A glancing blow to the chin when attempting to make a legitimate hit gets 2 games (correctly), but an all out assault gets one


Ruling has been adjusted following an independent review.

Yup, and seems to have been fairly unanimously accepted around the rest of the league  (other than some Sheffield fans and officials).

I think it's about right re the Goulakos hits and the blindside attack by Fretter. I still am a little surprised the raised skateblade didn't get more. (Tho it looks like he'll be out a lot longer than 2 games with a concussion anyway).

The old head of the player safety unit has been removed and I would hope the league can come to an agreement to let this neutral arrangement continue.

It's a shame this is what has brought the league into international news with the 2 teams in the European Champions Hockey League performing superbly with one winning their group against Swiss and Czech opposition

anton girdeaux:
Thankfully this incident saw the end of DOPS in it’s present form!!

Marlies coach Sheldon Keefe's little brother Adam has claimed his first title as a coach in his first year coaching. Lead the Belfast Giants to a British Challenge Cup victory


Game highlights: https://youtu.be/2LRIy-7zanE


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