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--- Quote from: Arn on November 20, 2021, 01:03:35 PM ---You should all go see “Belfast”


Some parts may need subtitles ;D

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I finally got a chance to see it and very much echo the recommendation. Of the Oscar nominated movies Belfast or Drive My Car are probably my favourites of the year. Shame that Ciaran Hinds didn't win an Oscar last night as I thought he was terrific in particular.

It's funny, Kenneth Branagh would have been on a short list for me of guys who I thought had the most sort of stereotypical upper-crust English accents so to find out that this is basically his story and that the accent was learned was pretty interesting.

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The “real” accent is still there  ;D


I actually rewatched this with my dad tonight. He was born in the early 1950s so would have been in his late teens when this movie was set. He was very moved by it. You could see at times he was being taken back to those times.

Obviously I was born a bit later and the “worst” of it all was probably over as I grew up, but even I felt some very raw memories being rekindled of some of the parts of the movie.

What I particularly loved about it though was that the one thing that shone through even for me was how the (at times very dark) humour and the good nature of most people continued to shine through and got a lot of people through things.

I thought this movie really captured that.

My cousin was an undercover British officer in Belfast.  He fell in love with an Irish girl and they got married in a bunker surrounded tanks and a squad of soldiers. He was one tough bastard.

Heroic Shrimp:
‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Sequel in the Works With Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer:


Watch Prey

Watched Thirteen Lives tonight. True story about those kids who got stuck in the cave in Thailand a few years back. Despite knowing the story it was still really gripping and dramatic. Having claustrophobic tendencies probably didn’t help!

It’s on Prime already too. And directed by Ron Howard.



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