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Frank E:
OK, is it Barzal, or Brazal?

More infuriating: Mathew or Matthew?

Canada's first practice: http://www.tsn.ca/world-junior-selection-camp-blog-1.628842

--- Quote ---F
Howden (TBL)-Roy (CAR)-Dubois (CBJ)
Steel (ANA)-Cirelli (TBL)-Senyshyn (BOS)
Joseph (TBL)-Barzal (NYI)-Gauthier (CAR)
Dube (CGY)-Stephens (TBL)-Raddysh (TBL)
Wagner-McLeod (NJD)-Merkley (ARI)
Jost (COL)-Strome (ARI)
Chabot (OTT)-Fabbro (NSH)
Brisebois (VAN)-Clague (LAK)
Bean (CAR)-Juulsen (MTL)
Girard (NSH)-Myers (2017)
Lauzon (BOS)-Mete (MTL)
Hart (PHI)
Ingram (TBL)
McNiven (MTL)
* Special teams drills at second practice:
Power play: Girard (QB), Bean, Clague, Chabot (QB), Myers, Barzal, Strome, Gauthier, Roy, Jost, Dubois, Steel, Raddysh, Senyshyn
Penalty kill forwards: Wagner, Cirelli, Dube, Stephens, Howden, Speers, Merkley, Joseph, McLeod
Penalty kill defence: Brisebois, Mete, Fabbro, Juulsen, Lauzon
--- End quote ---


That is not a roster that wows me.

Frank E:

--- Quote from: herman on December 12, 2016, 01:42:42 PM ---More infuriating: Mathew or Matthew?

--- End quote ---

tsn is driving me crazy...they had it Brazal all over their home page, like 3 times.


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