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Toronto Wolfpack have signalled their intention to make their mark on English rugby league with the signing of former New Zealand international Fuifui Moimoi.

The 37-year-old prop spent 11 seasons with the Parramatta Eels in Australia's National Rugby League before moving to England to play for the Leigh Centurions under Paul Rowley, who is now coach of the fledgling Wolfpack.

The Toronto team is set to open play in March in the Kingstone Press 1, the third tier of English rugby league. The goal is to win promotion and ultimately make it to the elite Super League.


As an Aussie Leafs fan who's first sporting love is still rugby league, this is exciting news.

They play their first game this week:


And they won their first ever game!

The Wolfpack are 7-0-0 on the year, tied with Barrow.

Fighting?  Hey, laddy!


The Toronto Wolfpack won their  Kingstone  Press League 1 title.  They finished the season with a 20-1-1 record and thus have the distinction of being called the first trans-Atlantic sports organization.  Not bad for a first year team.

Next year (2018),  the Wolfpack have their sights set on  advancing in the hopes of challenging & winning another trophy -- the Kingstone Press Championship.

The @TOwolfpack, Toronto's coolest new team and a true trans-Atlantic success story. My piece: https://t.co/AiyH8ljgEf— Kaitlyn McGrath (@kaitlyncmcgrath) September 17, 2017
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