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After a quick look at the roster, and having listened to Poulin and Burke interviewed saying that we will improve this team via trade & also stating that there are alot of big names being thrown around; I think those three assets are the most likely and viable to be moved. There arent many peices that A] have value and B] are moveable parts in the organization.

Lupul      ??      Kessel

Kulemin   Grabo      Van Reimsdyk

Frattin      Mcclement          ??

??      Steckel   Brown

Spare Forwards:

Gunnarsson      Phaneuf
Gardiner      Franson
Liles         Komisarek

Spare Defence:

Bozak - Good young centre, can skate & pass well. Good PKer and faceoff man. Put up 47 points last year. No room for him on the team as the Leafs need to upgrade down the middle and the other 3 spots have already been filled.

Kadri - Good young Forward, can skate & pass well. Has top end skills, but does not play a complete game yet. Picks his spots when it comes to the physical game, and gets knocked around when in the corners. Potential top line player, but likelyhood of reaching full potential minimal. Wild card.

MacArthur - Career year two years ago. Plays a two way game, and doesnt shy away from they physical game for a smaller player. Can play a top 6 role, but his spot has been taken by JVR.

Lombardi - Speedy FW capable of playing special teams. Was one of the NHL's underrated players with CGY & PHX. Yet to regain that form in Toronto, and is currently overpaid at 3m per year for a 3rd-4th line role.

Connolly - Soft player, with loads of skill. Average skater with accurate shot & pass. At this point, a PP specialist who is vastly overpaid

Holzer - Bottom pairing, stay at home D man. Still young but little Offensive skill and upside. Minimal trade value.

Blacker - 2nd round prospect capable of top 4 duty in the NHL and a future PP specialist. Still very young and raw, but potential and skill are evident.

So looking at this team, Id say Bozak, MacArthur & Blacker are the most likely to be moved for anything substantial. Kadri is an unknown. Its unknown whether teams value him highly and its unknown whether Toronto will give up on him so early into a promising career. Anyone else on my list is just unrealisitic of landing any player capable of making a difference. He might be in the same boat as Gardiner, although not nearly as untouchable. 

I know thats not nearly enough to land a player like Rick Nash, but it might be enough to land a player like Getzlaf who has one year left on his deal on a rebuilding Ducks squad. It might take a little tweaking here and there, but those 3 for Getzlaf could be the core of a deal. 

Do you agree with my evaluations? Who do you think those pieces can land? Did I pick the wrong pieces entirely?