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Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: Yesterday at 03:09:41 PM »
Can someone explain why Sid and a bunch of the reporters on CP24 are now doing their bits from home.
They may be positive? Have to isolate because of their kids or spouse?

I figured there would be some positive cases about or an exposure that caused isolation.  Just struck me odd that some were still on site while others were now at home. 

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: Yesterday at 02:37:49 PM »
Can someone explain why Sid and a bunch of the reporters on CP24 are now doing their bits from home.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: January 13, 2022, 04:15:37 PM »
The number of people I know who have gotten COVID in the last few months has "exploded".  A friend's dad died (unvaccinated), another person I know distantly died (unvaccinated), a person from years past who is a late 40-year old is still feeling the effects months later and is using a cane (unvaccinated), and I know of a girl (23) who still suffers from long COVID after catching the virus in the early stages (April 2020). 

A guy I play with picked it up from his girlfriend just before Christmas.  He was *only* double vaccinated, she with three doses.  She got away with a runny nose and sore throat for days.  He said it wiped him on his ass for almost a week.  The doctor made it a point to tell him that he was lucky he was vaccinated, and to imagine just how bad he'd be if he wasn't.

It's kind of ironic that those most careful are the ones who make up a good portion of the cases of people I know (affirming my belief that we're all bound to get it). 

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: January 03, 2022, 01:36:26 AM »
Could have stronger vaccine mandates combined with better enforcement.

I agree and get that.  But what are stronger vaccine mandates that can be imposed? (I'm generally curious because I am stumped as to how to go about doing it) 

A bunch of jobs (school boards for one) aren't going to follow through with it because of the shortage it'll create.  Continually rolling things back and imposing restrictions just punishes people already double and triple vaccinated (I'm dead set against the majority of these new restrictions set to be announced), and if anything, allows the unvaccinated to draw their line in the sand even deeper in having absolutely no incentive to get vaccinated.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: January 02, 2022, 02:55:19 PM »

Does anyone even feel as though there's a strategy right now from the Province on what the end goal is? Because it feels like all we have is 1) try to get as many people their boosters as possible and 2) hope for the best in terms of hospitalizations and with that 1) isnt really all that different from the strategy re: vaccinations as it's always been, outside of they largely shut down the vaccine infrastructure we had once they decided they weren't going to push too hard on the anti-vaxxers.

Honestly, it feels like the Province has just given up and is hoping for herd immunity in a situation where everything I see from the medical community says that even without a huge surge in ICU admissions, the profession in general is about an inch away from being completely burnt out.

What should be done with/to anti-vaxxers?

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 31, 2021, 01:28:52 AM »
Didn't know where to put this.


Much harder to do on the smaller rink, but watching the evolution of total football in hockey is interesting.

In about 20 years you're going to lose your mind when the goalie is routinely starting the play/breakout from between the face off circles.

I’ve watched this 10 times and I still have no clue what’s so special about what I just saw.  :-\

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:02:15 AM »
I could really use some advice/guidance/comfort on a situation, as I'm sure many of which are also experiencing the same thing -- what do you do about or say to unvaccinated family members who are defiant and set in their ways?

This being last year this time, I understood their stance.  I thought along their same lines, but at least within I was somewhat open-minded to it.  But I'm not staunch as them about it and am 100% pro vaccine at this point.  There's enough data out there to show that they do a heckuva lot more good than bad.

Thing is, they think I/we (my immediate, vaccinated family) are the assholes because we didn't want to have and partake in the usual sit down dinners inside for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They feel as if we shun them.  And of course, the whole "if you're vaccinated why are you worried" mantra is thrown around.  I've explained this to my aunt numerous times now -- I don't care for myself (I really don't, my wife is the anal one about it holding me back)'s for you.  She's in her 60s, obese, diabetic, and has whatever other health issues.  She's the super sensitive type, so she takes it to heart thinking it's breaking up the family (another theory that side has about the whole pandemic -- it's a way to cause division amongst family and friends).  I just keep telling her I don't want these past gatherings to be our last when we all have so many more years ahead.

The fact that her two daughters allow for it royally pisses me off.  It's tough talking about it with them because they are so dead set in their ways.

So now there is tension amongst my closest family, it stresses me out because I too am the sensitive, take-things-to-heart type who hates them feeling like this towards me and we have missed out on our usual stuff, and it'll be a while now before either side trusts each other again. 

I think they are completely nuts and stubborn and selfish, but I can't flat out say that.  In return, they say they feel like lepers.  What a strain.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: December 29, 2021, 04:25:22 PM »
None of these stupid rules and decisions from all sides make any sense anymore. 

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 21, 2021, 01:01:41 PM »
Not surprising, and the right choice at this point. 

Hopefully they eventually go again when everything settles.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 20, 2021, 02:25:33 PM »

I’m double vaccinated and boosted.  95+% of my colleagues at work at Princeton are fully vaxed.  Everyone is tested once a week (unvaccinated twice a week) regardless of the presence of symptoms.  My understanding is that you can be extremely infectious prior to having symptoms.

The point of testing is to slow down the spread, identifying folks before they have spread it to others, which can only be done by asymptomatic testing.  If you don’t do asymptomatic testing, it will be too late and everyone on the team will get it and everyone in their families will get it.

princedpw summed it up. Yzerman’s suggestion, while attractive to those who are tired of pandemic measures, would cripple and crush the healthcare system and subsequently society and economy.

Under those proposed conditions, an asymptomatic person could inadvertently pass it on to another asymptomatic person who visits an immunosuppressed loved one who gets boned because people didn’t bother checking. Multiply that by a bajillion because asymptomatic people being given license to return to normal is toothpaste that won’t go back in the tube and the virus will happily take the opportunity to mutate.

Quite honestly, this makes absolutely no sense to me, nor seems the least bit feasible.

Unless your company mandates testing as in princedpw's case, I hardly know of anyone running out to get tested with no symptoms (whether having no, one, two or three doses).  I would only go get my kids tested for school if exhibiting one symptom.  If the idea is to have everyone go out now randomly getting tested who are completely fine to pick up if they have COVID, I: a) don't see the point; and b) don't see how there is the testing capacity to facilitate such initiative.  Not to mention believing that many people out there are walking asymptomatically, which again I don't believe can or should be tested and ultimately detected since there is no capacity to do so. 

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 19, 2021, 02:47:33 AM »
Steve Yzerman has it right and echoes my thoughts — don’t test double vaccinated players unless symptomatic.

Why does this make sense? 

Omicron seems to spread rapidly through vaccinated populations and hence the vaccinated are spreading it.  How will not testing help?

Do any of us who are double vaccinated go get tested if asymptomatic?

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 18, 2021, 10:01:33 PM »
Steve Yzerman has it right and echoes my thoughts — don’t test double vaccinated players unless symptomatic.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 16, 2021, 10:43:18 PM »
Pause the league for a few weeks, cancel the Olympics, reschedule all games during that break, and carry on.

Non-Hockey Chatter / Re: Coronavirus
« on: December 16, 2021, 09:17:42 PM »
Just to be clear, I'm not against the lockdowns in the sense that I don't think they are important in controlling the spread.  My frustration is just that it feels that if the return to normal is through the vaccine, and the vaccine isn't effective, then the last two years have been wasted because a backup plan hasn't been worked on or thought out.  If we go into a lockdown, I'll continue to follow the rules that are outlined.

Yeah, this is where I'm at similarly.  Want us to get vaccinated to get some of normalcy back.  Okay, done.  Now even the vaccinated will likely have to hunker down and miss out on things to try and slow this thing down, which I'm not the least bit convinced will happen.  And I don't even blame the provincial government for this.  Again, I think the blame lies with the federal government with the amount of travel in and out of the country. 

Like a circuit breaker is going to stop things now.  Not to mention a circuit breaker isn't going to convince the unvaccinated to run out and get the vaccine.  It's only going to give them further fuel to double down on remaining unvaccinated.

This whole thing has become loony.

General NHL News & Views / Re: 2021-2022 NHL Thread
« on: December 16, 2021, 02:19:28 PM »
I liked the analogy of 3-on-3 overtime having become like speed cycling races.  Each opponent takes their time circling around before going for it. 

When OT picks up that pace, it's great.  But seeing teams play possum for the first half is boring when there is so much room on the ice.  And the fact the players willingly skate the puck out of the offensive zone or pass it all the way down into their zone to get a line change cheapens the whole thing in my eyes. 

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