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Watched The Power of the Dog on Netflix, its one of this years main Oscar contenders, very dark and slow moving. New Zealand stands in for Montana pretty well. Reminded me of There Will be Blood in some ways.


--- Quote from: Bullfrog on February 13, 2022, 01:26:53 PM ---I forgot how awful/awesome Highlander is.

--- End quote ---

Nothing says authenticity like having a Frenchman play a Scotsman - French accent and all. But none of us seemed to care back then.

If this happened today Christopher Lambert would be cancelled. Probably also for playing Japanese god Raiden in mortal kombat.

Watched most of Dune on the tube last night, my wife and son didn't understand it at all.  I think having read the book a zillion times made it super enjoyable for me, not so much for them.  Going to watch the rest tonight.

Went to see Batman today and really enjoyed it. It is a little long but that didn’t bother me.

You know what this movie felt like? A mash up of the tell tale Batman game and the Arkham series of Batman games. I felt like I was watching a movie adaptation of those games.

This movie kinda felt like the 2nd half of Batman begins and all of the dark knight.

Anyway, if you like dark Batman, you’ll like this movie.


More fights at the Oscars than at the Leafs game.


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