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Remembering Mr T

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Boston Leaf:
very sad news indeed..My condolences to Mr.T's family... Very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Mr. T

A friend of mind passed away, quite early from the disease.  Can still remember his Edmonton Oiler taunts to this day.  Somehow I was glad.   Thankfully both him and Mr.T got to be around when their teams won.  It is with a tear in my eye that I offer my deepest condolences. 

Green Leaf:
R.I.P. Mr. T

My condolences to your family.

Rick Couchman:
I really don't know how to post this...

There are a handful of people who have really meant the world to me on this website.  People that I have barely met in person, yet who have been really good friends that have touched me and TMLfans.ca in a big way.

One of them was Sakura - and another was Mr T.  Both really left their fingerprints all over this place as being really great people who were so caring and compassionate as Leafs fans, and as TMLfans contributers.

Mr T, much like CW, did more to help this website become a place where people felt comfortable to hang out than I ever could.  Most people don't have any idea how much behind-the-scenes work they did to make this place what it is.

Reading the beginning posts of this thread by CW, I too shed tears to hear the news that many of us were unfortunately expecting.  It's really nice seeing everyone jumping in here and giving him the recognition that he deserves.

My condolences to anyone and everyone who lost a dear friend in Chris...

Such a shame to see a bright light  extinguished prematurely.

You will be missed, enjoy your peace buddy and may your family find the strength to carry on.


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