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Peter D.:
A few months ago my daughter threw my cell phone on the floor, breaking it and making it no longer functionable.  I was told it likely can't be fixed.  Which I don't mind.  But I have over 100 photos on there that I'd like to retrieve. 

For one, does anyone know if this is possible?  Secondly, where would be the best place to get this done?  Rogers said I'd have to send the phone in, along with a note detailing what I'm looking for, to possibly have the photos retrieved.  But apparently they wipe out your phone first (according to my wife and whatever that means).  Would anyone know of any other alternatives?  Any of the kiosks in the mall?  Any way to do it yourself or someone who is tech savvy? 

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of cell phone and are the pics on a SD Card in the phone?

Peter D.:
It's a Nokia (can't remember the exact model).  I didn't store them on the SIM. :(

SD Card (a small memory module) is different than a SIM card, but I don't think your phone has an external memory card, if it did and the pics were on there, you could get a SD card reader, take out the memory card and bam, you have your photo's. You could try turning on the phone (if it has any power at all), hook it up to your PC and see if the PC can read the phone and access the pics that way (As they are probably on the internal memory).... Last option, you'd have to send it somewhere and they 'possibly' could get your pics off, I'm sure that's not very cheap though. 

Hope that helped.

I would take a chance and get it fixed locally. Stellar Cellular at 378 College St. W is a good place. Depends where you're located though. Wiping is when the whole phone's memory is erased.


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