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All Sports But Hockey / EPL - 2023-2024
November 04, 2023, 06:43:50 PM
Hey Arn

That was quite the win by Newcastle today.

Interesting, that Buffalo has 2 d-men taking up almost 20 million in cap next season. The power signing is similar to the Sanderson in Ottawa deal.
Toronto Raptors / Raptors fire Nurse
April 21, 2023, 10:50:58 AM
It looks like the Raptors are moving to another coach.
CHL & NCAA Hockey / 2018 World Junior Allegations
June 23, 2022, 07:06:04 PM
I'm starting to think that there has to be something that I can do as an individual to express my displeasure with the way that Hockey Canada handled this situation.  What was alleged to have happen was a crime and people are supposed to pay for their crimes. I feel like there was no penalty here other than paying someone off to make the problem go away. 
NHL Transactions / Eichel to Vegas
November 04, 2021, 06:39:36 AM
Per Darren Dreger, Eichel is going to Vegas for Alex Tuch and picks.

For Connor Timmins, a 1st round pick in 2022 and a.third round pick in 2024.
Non-Hockey Chatter / Eddie Van Halen passes away
October 06, 2020, 03:37:43 PM
Announcement says he lost his battle with cancer today.
NHL Transactions / Zucker to Penguins
February 10, 2020, 08:31:08 PM

Zucker to Penguins for Galchenyk, Calen Addison, and a 2020 first round pick.

(For reals this time).
9-9-4, 22 points | 10-9-3, 23 points

Projected Lines







Pierre Engvall
Martin Marincin
Nick Holden
Brandon Pirri

Team Stats

Goals Per Game
Goals Against Per Game
Total Goals
Save Percentage
Faceoff %
Power Play %
Penalty Kill %

Team Leaders

Matthews - 27
Karlsson - 23
Muzzin - 47
Reaves - 99
Andersen - .912
Save %
Fleury - .920

Game Notes
•Andersen (9-4-3, 2.74 GAA, .912 Sv%) will likely start for the Leafs
•The Leafs are trying to avoid going winless in 6
•The Leafs last win was against Vegas, 2-1
•Mike Babcock has started to refer to himself in the third person, which could lead to the theory that Mike Babcock doesn't know why Mike Babcock is doing the things he is doing

•Fleury (10-5-1, 2.52 GAA, .920 Sv%) will likely start for the Golden Knights
•Vegas had a convincing win against Calgary on Sunday night after going winless in their previous 4


•Mitch Marner - Ankle - Injured Reserve
•Trevor Moore - Shoulder - Injured Reserve
•Alex Kerfoot - Face - Injured Reserve
•None, The Vegas Golden Knights have no known injuries

Stream Options

William Karlsson has signed an 8 year extension at 5.9 million per year with Vegas.


General NHL News & Views / Cap set at 81.5 Million
June 22, 2019, 07:06:26 PM
TSN is reporting that the cap is set to 81.5 million for next year:

General NHL News & Views / NHL Scoring
March 30, 2018, 11:53:16 AM
I was perusing the league scoring leaders, and I noticed that Anze Kopitar has 89 points this year.  Quite the season for a 30 year old.  That isn't the only thing that is anomalous about scoring this season.  As of today there are 24 players (who have played at least 50 games) who are averaging a point per game.  Here are the number of players in each year that have averaged a point per game since the 2010-2011 season:

2010-2011: 12
2011-2012: 7
2012-2013: 19 (Lockout Shortened year)
2013-2014: 10
2014-2015: 7
2015-2016: 5
2016-2017: 8

So the first question is, is this season an anomaly, or is this upswing in scoring going to continue? 

If it's going to continue, what do you think the cause of it is?  I'm sure it's a combination of factors.  Here are a some things that I can think of:

1.  Expansion weakened teams across the board.  In years past expansion would add one weak team.  This expansion added a fairly strong team that took fairly good pieces off of other teams, perhaps allowing a scoring chance or 2 per game across the board.

2.  Pittsburgh winning the cup with three elite scorers has caused teams to try and replicate that model in an order to beat them.  Their system forces teams to have offense in an effort to compete with them because you can't shut down all three players over a 7 game series, thus opening up the game.

3.  Goalie equipment changes have flat out lead to more goals.

4.  We are reaching a saturation point of scoring talent league wide.  Drafting ideologies have changed, and players are focusing on skilled players rather than size, and that ideology has lead to an influx of talent.  Combine that with the scoring talents of some of the older players that have stuck around and you have the spread out talent base that can put the puck in the net.  This would be similar to what happened around the  late 80's, early nineties where there was a lot of scoring league wide, and you saw players like Dave Andreychuk score back to back 50 goal seaons and players like Pat Lafontaine reach a pinnacle of 148 points.

One other thing that I though might have an impact is the emphasis on puck possession around the league has lead to more passing centric game plans as a teams try to maintain the puck, which has lead to more players getting assists. That might be a reach, but I thought it might be a factor in some way shape or form.  I think a deep dive in to goal scoring rates versus assist rates would be required to see if there was something there.

Anyways, I hope it continues.  I like more scoring and I think the games have been really interesting this year.  I don't need players to put up 215 point seasons, but it would be nice to have 4 or 5 players break 100 points in a season.  That probably won't happen this year, but even having 2, and a bunch of players in the 90 point ranch would be an improvement over previous years.
Main Leafs Hockey Talk / Leafs worst 1st round pick
November 16, 2017, 10:53:45 AM
I stumbled across an article that listed Tyler Biggs as the Leafs biggest draft bust.  The criteria they used for saying this is the following:

"The 2011 draft was a huge low point, when the Buds squandered two first round picks on Stuart Percy (25th overall) and Tyler Biggs (22nd overall). Percy has at least played 12 games at the NHL level, while Biggs is gone from the Maple Leafs system and is in the ECHL as a free agent. In the Brian Burke "truculence" era, Biggs was square in Burke's sights at the '11 event, coming in at 6'2″ and 220 lbs. Unfortunately, Biggs was a bust in the AHL with the Marlies and was eventually sent to the ECHL's Orlando Solar Bears in 2015 before being included in the Phil Kessel trade to Pittsburgh."

That got me looking through the Leafs draft history and seeing if I could find someone who would be considered more of a bust then Biggs.  See the thing is, I think that while Biggs didn't amount to much, you have to take other things in to consideration, such as draft position and who else was available.  There were better options than Biggs at the time of the draft, and I believe several brought that up at the time, so maybe you feel he is the biggest bust as well.  Here's a list of the Leafs first round picks over the years, and what they accomplished in the NHL.  Obviously some of these are not going to be in the conversation because they were really good picks, but I thought I would include them all as a nice walk down memory lane. 

Year   Position   Player   Games Played   Points
2017   17th Overall   Timothy Liljegren    0   0
2016   1st Overall   Auston Matthews    98   88
2015   4th Overall   Mitch Marner    96   76
2014   8th Overall   William Nylander    122   87
2013   21st Overall   Frederic Gauthier    28   4
2012   5th Overall   Morgan Reilly    331   135
2011   22nd Overall   Tyler Biggs    0   0
2011   25th Overall   Stuart Percy    12   3
2009   7th Overall   Nazem Kadri    427   274
2008   5th Overall   Luke Schenn    664   138
2006   13th Overall   Jiri Tlusty    446   177
2005   21st Overall   Tukka Rask    407   9
2002   24th Overall   Alexander Steen    835   540
2001   17th Overall   Carlo Colaiacovo    470   157
2000   24th Overall   Brad Boyes    822   505
1999   24th Overall   Luca Cereda    0   0
1998   10th Overall   Nikolai Antropov    788   465
1995   15th Overall   Jeff Ware    21   1
1994   16th Overall   Eric Fichaud    95   1
1993   12th Overall   Kenny Jonsson    686   267
1993   19th Overall   Landon Wilson    375   119
1992   8th Overall   Brandon Convery    72   28
1992   23rd Overall   Grant Marshall    700   239
1990   10th Overall   Drake Berehowsky    549   149
1989   3rd Overall   Scott Thorton    941   285
1989   12th Overall   Rob Pearson    269   110
1989   21st Overall   Steve Bancroft    6   1
1988   6th Overall   Scott Pearson    292   98
1987   7th Overall   Luke Richardson    1417   201
1986   6th Overall   Vincent Damphousse    1378   1205
1985   1st Overall   Wendel Clark    793   564
1984   4th Overall   Al Iafrate    799   463
1983   7th Overall   Russ Courtnall    1029   744
1982   3rd Overall   Gary Nylund    608   171
1981   6th Overall   Jim Benning    610   243
1979   9th Overall   Laurie Boschman    1009   577
1977   11th Overall   John Andersen    814   631
1977   12th Overall   Trevor Johansen    286   57
1975   6th Overall   Dan Ashby    188   96
1974   13th Overall   Jack Valiquette    350   218
1973   4th Overall   Lanny McDonald    1111   1006
1973   10th Overall   Bob McNeely    283   98
1973   15th Overall   Ian Turnbull    628   440
1972   11th Overall   George Ferguson    797   398
1970   8th Overall   Daryl Sittler    1096   1121
1969   9th Overall   Ernie Moser    0   0
1968   10th Overall   Brad Selwood    163   47
1966   4th Overall   John Wright    127   52
1964   5th Overall   Tom Martin    3   1
1963   6th Overall   Walt McKechnie    955   606

So for me, it's 1988's Scott Pearson (sorry Scott).  I feel that with a 6th overall pick, you should get a pretty good player.  I think I read somewhere that the Leafs reached on him in that draft, which I think is supported by the fact that the next 4 players taken in that draft were Martin Gelinas, Jeremy Roenick, Rod Brind'Amour, and Teemu Selanne.   

Just sad.  Whether through joking or whatever, they completely corrupted the program in no time flat.
NHL Transactions / Devante Smith-Pelly to New Jersey
February 29, 2016, 03:34:56 PM
For Stefan Matteau
NHL Transactions / Shane Prince to Islanders
February 29, 2016, 03:11:06 PM
Senators have sent Shane Prince and 7th in 2016 to Islanders for a third in 2016.
NHL Transactions / Brandon Pirri to Anahiem
February 29, 2016, 02:25:34 PM
For a 6th.  From Florida.
NHL Transactions / Eric Gelinas to Colorado
February 29, 2016, 01:45:36 PM
For a third.