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Leafs need a singe point to secure first place in their division.

2 goals on the first 5 shots against Andersen in his return to game action.

Career over ?  8)

I think tonight will be a statement game for the winner .

It’s looking more and more like this will be the Leafs first round matchup. They need to show they can whoop this team! The habs can clinch and show themselves they can beat the Leafs (2 games in a row) if they win.


The Marlies play May 6, May 8, May 9 and then have an additional two games on May 11 and May 12 if you factor in the two game extension.  So Andersen is either not going to be fit to play or will have to be activated prior to the end of the season as the Leafs play through May 14th.

I remember when Lou did something like this with Soshnikov. Sosh went down and scored 4 points in 3 games, Lou then had the stint extended to really make sure he wasn't still injured and he ended with 5 points in 5 games while playing top line minutes. When the stint ended the team didn't have any roster space to take him off the IR so they just kept him there until he was traded a few days later. Then St. Louis kept him on the IR for another 9 days.

Wow that’s quite a memory. I can barely recall Soshnikov himself. Lol

Habs played a desperate team's game as they actually have something to play for. Toronto played like they have it all locked up.

Yeah I got that same sense from the get-go. Another point to consider is the fact that facing the Jets in the first round may even be preferred. So, while I’m not saying they played to lose they didn’t play desperate must-win hockey either. 

haven't seen Matthews that fired up in a long time.

He’s one away .

The refs are killing the momentum of this game.

I see the refs are trying to even out the teams here

Weber scratched? What did I miss?

Minor upper body injury. Missed the Habs last two games. Questionable for tonight, I believe.

I did miss that. Thanks.

Weber scratched? What did I miss?

Our sweet baby boy William turned 25 today. They grow up so fast.

That's crazy. 

I can't believe he's that old.

It certainly emphasizes how short of window this Leafs squad has to do some damage before their out of their primes.

Outside of their 2 mini (mostly goaltending/regression-driven) slumps, the Leafs have only lost 4 games in regulations and only 7 overall.

That's quite impressive. When the Leafs get reasonable goaltending or don't face a goaltender playing at their absolute best, they're a pretty elite squad.

Agreed. If they get their injured back (especially Hyman), get reasonable goaltending from someone, and can avoid any other injuries before the playoffs, they actually look like a team that is a serious contender. It's hard to know how they'll match up against a team like Vegas since they haven't played, but I suppose Vegas could say the same about the Leafs.

There is a nucleus of "grit" (for lack of a better term) now that hasn't existed before. Muzzin, Bogosian, Simmonds, Foligno, Thornton in particular. This could well be Thornton's last crack at the Cup so I expect he'll be especially motivated and I think we've started to see that over the past 3 games or so.

Still prone to the odd defensive breakdown but the team has shown that they are more committed to playing in the defensive zone and are mostly doing it better than in previous years. Can't wait for the playoffs to start.

Well I hope we are contemplating a match up against any American team this postseason. That would put us in the semifinal round and only 8 wins away from their first Stanley cup since 1967.

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