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L K:
The top 8 teams in the East are 78-30-21 against the West right now.


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--- Quote from: bustaheims on January 16, 2022, 04:05:34 PM ---There’s a much bigger talent gap in the East than there is in the West, so the overall league standings are a bit misleading.

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The gap between the 8th place team and 9th place team in the East is pretty nuts. Right now 8th is on pace for 107 points. 9th place, Detroit of all teams, is on pace for just 83 points. Every other team in the East is below .500. I know generally speaking it's believed teams in playoff positions by this point of the season make it there, but I doubt we've seen a gap that large in a very, very long time.

In the West there's 6 teams that the 8 place team in the East would either be tied or beating in points percentage. Both the Wild Card teams in the East would be leading the Pacific division in points percentage. The current pace to make the playoffs in the West right now is 96 points, and there's still 4 teams on the outside that have a realistic chance of taking that spot.

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Yeah. The good teams in the East are very good, and the rest of the East is bad. Being able to feast on the likes of Montreal, Detroit, Buffalo, Ottawa, New Jersey, etc., is inflating the point totals of the Eastern playoff teams. In the West, there's really only 2 terrible teams - Arizona and Seattle. There are a lot fewer "easy" nights for teams in the West.

Concussion stems from that hit he took that led to that goal scored by St. Louis the other night.— David Alter (@dalter) January 18, 2022
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Frank E:
No Tavares.


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