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--- Quote from: Nik Bethune on January 13, 2020, 11:31:45 PM ---Pretty tough to punish players for something sanctioned by the manager and organization. You'd effectively be asking guys, and most of the Astros that year were young and or fringey players, to be crossing their employers.

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Yeah. Also, any serious punishment for the players would have been met with strong resistance from the union for those same reasons - not to mention the difficulties MLB might have in identifying which individual players to target for this, how they'd justify that (especially if they have suspensions of varying lengths), etc. Going after the manager and GM is the path of least resistance, and, along with the loss of draft picks, sends a pretty strong message - and, as long as the Red Sox face similar punishment, it's a clear and consistent message. Stripping them of their titles would be the only thing that I'd like to see added.


I mean, let's be clear about this. This was not a significant punishment. The Astros fired their Manager and GM. Managers and GMs get fired every year. They lost 4 draft picks in a sport where draft picks are a bigger roll of the dice than any other. They got fined 5 million dollars which is the equivalent of a bad speeding ticket for someone like Jim Crane.

There's no real organizational consequence here. If you were the owner of another team and saw having to fire two employees, lose some draft picks and an insignificant fine as the punishment would it really deter you from cheating?

Pretty well sums it up:

--- Quote ---Giving the players a free pass is the cost of doing business and it should allow the league to move on quicker than it otherwise would. Still, this cannot and should not be used as precedent to allow players to escape from future punishment. Whether they organized it, or were simply complicit, is irrelevant. The players are just all guilty, if not more, than Cora, Luhnow and Hinch and they should feel fortunate to have gotten away with it.
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No way the players should have been given a free pass.


Also some other guy on the Yankees.


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