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Figured there should be a spot for minor stuff that didn't need its own thread. So, for instance:

The Flyers will be retiring Lindros' 88:

I guess it's nice to see him having patched things up with Philly but man, looking back on that, they treated him badly.

Jared Cowen signed a PTO with Colorado.


--- Quote from: CarltonTheBear on August 29, 2017, 12:00:58 PM ---Jared Cowen signed a PTO with Colorado.

--- End quote ---

Also Jay McClement in Pittsburgh know, might work.


An interesting article on the recently retired Francois Allaire and whether or not he should be considered for the HHOF:

Daniel "scored at the exact same pace per game as Zach Hyman despite playing with 4th liners all season long" Winnik gets a PTO from the Wild.

And I'm not even sure he'll get a job there, they've got a lot of forward depth it seems.


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